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What are Some of the Main Benefits of Modular Construction?

It’s no secret that modular construction has grown in popularity in recent times and that’s with good reason. The countless benefits of choosing this type of building structure mean the industry has grown by vast amounts and is now valued at almost $7.4 billion in the UK alone. This number is projected to continue growing too.

With the popularity of modular buildings being so high right now, we wanted to create an article highlighting the reasons why. This should help you decide whether to go modular in the future for your buildings. Continue reading to find out more about modular construction, the industries that use it and the many benefits of these buildings.

What is modular construction? 

Modular construction is an architectural style where prefabricated buildings made up of modules are used on a temporary or permanent basis. These buildings are typically created away from the site they’re intended for before being delivered and ready to use almost straight away.

Which industries use modular construction? 

Modular buildings can be used in many industries. Some of the most common include:

Housing – To deal with the rising demand for houses in the UK, modular construction is now being used to rapidly build homes.

Workforce housing –Modular building used a lot for building new homes and becoming more applicable, but it is also a good option for those who need their workers closer to the development or construction they are building.

Disaster relief – Not only is it handy for building upon structures and helping different services improve and become more efficient, but with any disasters that may occur, modular buildings with the ease in which they are able to be used, it makes them a great option to provide stable housing for difficult situations.

Education – Extra classrooms are often needed in schools and temporary modular ones can be used while a new permanent structure is being built to help ensure that the students are able to get the education they need.

Construction – Often, construction workers need to be housed during a project and modular buildings are perfect for this. These can be onsite or just outside the site, keeping commute times to a minimum.

What are the main benefits of using modular construction? 

Speed – Modular construction significantly reduces build times and minimises delays that could be caused by poor weather or worker illness.

Eco-friendly – Waste and energy consumption is significantly lower compared to the construction of regular buildings.

Build quality – With the buildings being created away from busy worksites, modular construction workers can focus on a quality build and maintain safety standards.

Cost-effective – Modular buildings are significantly cheaper than regular ones, which helps developers or land owners save money.

Total control – Choosing to hire modular buildings puts you in control of them. You can use them how you want and give them back when you’re done with them.

Customisation – Many modular construction firms will let you customise your modular building. You can include the tech, furniture and electrical infrastructure you need to operate efficiently.

Claire James
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Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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