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What Are the Main Renewable Sources of Energy: Their Advantages and Disadvantages?

Today, humankind faces a potential climate disaster. It is a well-known fact that the human factor leads to many dangerous changes in the climate throughout the planet. People steadily exhaust the planet and lead themselves, and other species, to death. This is a sad but true statement. The best solution is to use renewable sources of energy.

You can enjoy a wide range of different kinds that can be given by nature. It’s much safer, more economical, flexible, and reasonable. Even when you use oak logs, you protect our environment and can save a lot of your earnings. So, let’s focus on the main types of renewable sources of energy.

What Is the Definition of Renewable Source of Energy?

Before starting, it is necessary to define the meaning of renewable energy sources. Thus, you will have a clear understanding of this phenomenon. It may help to realize why the use of wind or quality birch logs may be a reasonable alternative for your household.

Renewable energy is any kind of energy that can be derived from natural resources. In the meantime, these are the sources that can be quickly replenished. For example, these are sunlight or water. On the contrary, coal or gas are not renewable. They may take up millions of years to be replenished naturally.

Solar Energy

The first and most obvious source of renewable energy is solar energy. Why is it so? Well, you see it every day and can use it that frequently! Our planet gets about 10,000 times more energy than the entire humankind consumes. Therefore, it is sufficient to be provided with energy all the time long.

Solar energy is used in different cases. It helps with heating, cooling, natural lighting, electricity, and so on. The sunlight is converted into energy thanks to two different ways, which are:

  • Photovoltaic panels (PV)
  • Mirrors

Both devices catch and concentrate solar energy to make it usable to humans. The advantages of this source are a great lifespan of 20–30 years, cost-efficacy, flexibility in exploitation, and simple maintenance.

The main disadvantages are expensive installation costs, and different exposure to the sun when some regions don’t receive enough sunlight.

Wind Energy

Another natural source that can be felt every day, and even at night, is wind energy. This source harnesses the kinetic energy, which is received from the air movements. The experts use special huge turbines. They can be located on land, in freshwater or sea. Thus, people enjoy onshore and offshore options. Although wind is not always predictable and some regions are not that windy, this source is sufficient. The experts claim that wind energy exceeds the common needs of humanity. You can mix it with new Nestro heat logs.

Let’s discuss its main benefits. Firstly, it’s utterly efficient because you can get wind in every corner of the globe. Secondly, this energy is clean and produces no hazardous emissions.

On the contrary, wind waves are unpredictable. So, you may not be able to receive enough energy in a non-windy region. Birds and bats can crash right into the turbines too.

Geothermal Energy

This is a more specific source of natural energy. It is retrieved from the Earth’s interior. Unique technology makes it possible to use geothermal reservoirs thanks to wells and other means. There is also a division of those reservoirs.

  • Hydrothermal reservoirs are the ones that are naturally sufficiently hot
  • Enhanced geothermal systems are the ones that require hydraulic stimulation

This technology has been used for over 100 years and it is dependable. Another benefit is that this renewable source is clean.

The main drawback is that it is not available everywhere in the world. Besides, it produces a lot of steam and dries up the soil and air.


People can likewise use the power of water energy. They generate energy from reservoirs and rivers. The main principle is to keep large amounts of water in one place. Thus, people build special plants that run water all the time long. These reservoirs can be used for different purposes, which are:

  • Drinking water
  • Water for irrigation
  • Flood and drought control
  • Energy supply, etc.

What are the advantages? You should know that hydropower plays the main part in getting energy in the electricity sector at the moment. It outweighs all other renewable sources. It is inexpensive and easy to use, and one can easily get the resources to build the required technology.

What are the downsides? It depends on rainfall, climate changes, as well the changes in ecosystems. Hydroelectric power plants may damage the environment, and they don’t work for long.

Ocean Energy

This type of renewable energy uses special technologies in the world ocean. It gets the kinetic and thermal energy. A lot depends on the waves and currents that help to retrieve energy. Ocean energy is widely used for heating and electricity.

The main benefit is that, theoretically, this source of energy sufficiently exceeds the current needs of humankind. Its potential is enormous.

What about the disadvantages? This type is relatively young and there are still many prototypes to be used and tested to get the most out of it. Besides, it’s too expensive.


This type is the most uncommon and unique one. It uses all kinds of organic materials and people call them biomass. The main sorts of organic materials are wood, charcoal, dung, and so on. People use them to get heat or power. They also utilize agricultural crops for liquid biofuels.

The main advantage is that the potential of this type is definitely high because people use all kinds of biomass every day. Instead of thrashing it, this biomass can be recycled.

What are the drawbacks? Commonly, this type of renewable energy is used in developing countries. The main reason for that is poorer populations. It should be used, nevertheless, with caution and in limited amounts. Burning of different materials leads to hazardous gas emissions. Some materials are non-renewable.

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