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4 Reasons The Million Roses Has Forever Disrupted the Greater Floral Industry

The global floral industry is expected to reach $57.4 billion in 2024. And while customers have long been accustomed to purchasing floral arrangements from florists, full-service grocery stores and other in-person locations, even this relatively “traditional” market niche is starting to see disruption.

An excellent example of this is The Million Roses, a company that offers luxury preserved roses, jewelry and more, all via an entirely online store. As Doniz Pauillac, COO of The Million Roses, her company’s distinct model and product offerings are disrupting the floral industry and bringing about exciting changes for customers.

A Digital-First Platform

The first element of The Million Roses that sets it apart from many others in its industry is its completely digital approach. While some florists now let customers browse options and occasionally even make purchases through their website, their ease of use tends to be lacking — in part because they can’t provide their full scope of services online.

“Today’s customers are used to online shopping for so many other purchases — you just can’t beat that level of convenience,” Pauillac says. “As we’ve experienced ourselves, people crave that same easy approach when it comes to purchasing flowers for special occasions or as gifts. It’s just so much easier to make a purchase online and to see exactly what you’re getting, as opposed to trying to find the nearest shop and hope they have something you’ll like.”

Aside from an easy to browse selection of flowers and other luxury gifts, The Million Roses has incorporated tools such as a chatbot, search tools and even a customizable wish list to make the shopping experience even more convenient for first-time and returning buyers.

Preserved, Long-Lasting Roses

With proper care, typical roses can last for seven to 10 days. However, this is only achievable by following a particular set of care guidelines to maintain freshness — and after two weeks, even the best cared-for roses will be thrown away. Not so with The Million Roses.

“Our preserved roses are what ultimately set us apart,” Pauillac explains. “Our organic roses are sourced from Ecuador, where we select the top one percent of fine roses. After they are selected, each of our flower products undergoes a non-toxic preservation process that allows them to last for at least three years. These roses don’t need any water or special care — they are meant to last, similar to a piece of home decor. Combine this with handcrafted precision that goes into creating each arrangement, and the end result is an amazing, sustainable floral piece.”

With minimal care requirements and a much longer lifespan than typical floral gifts, preserved roses become a more meaningful gift that will continue to be enjoyed for years. This can make roses a far more appealing gift option for buyers who are concerned about the longevity of their gift.

A Broad Selection

The Million Roses’ digital-first approach and unique preservation process gives the company the ability to offer a broad selection of products — much more than would be available at a typical florist’s shop.

“We go beyond red and white roses with unique color options like pink, gold and green — and then of course, we’re also able to offer roses in a variety of sizes and in arrangements tailored to different occasions, from anniversary presents to baby showers,” Pauillac says. “Because arrangements are made to order, each item in our store is always in stock. So no matter which option is the most appealing to you or your loved one, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get it.”

This can give buyers much-needed peace of mind — unlike when they visit a brick and mortar florist and have no guarantee of which flowers and arrangements are currently available. At the same time, each The Million Roses product is handcrafted to order, ensuring that buyers receive the same level of quality that they would expect from a local florist.

Scheduled Delivery

Another element that makes The Million Roses a noteworthy disruptor in the floral industry is its approach to deliveries. While it’s true that florists are generally able to fill orders by the desired date, customers typically need to pick up the flowers themselves. In today’s busy world, this is something many customers simply don’t have time for.

Of course, as an online business, The Million Roses would naturally offer delivery for its customers. However, the company has gone a step beyond by offering guaranteed delivery to its customers — even for last-minute orders.

“We can deliver our flowers as quickly as one day by air — or even same-day for those living in the Los Angeles area,” Pauillac explains. “Timely delivery makes all the difference when celebrating a special occasion, or an unexpected moment that calls for a thoughtful gesture. Our efficient delivery network allows us to guarantee delivery for the date a customer chooses during checkout so they have one less thing to worry about.”

A New Approach

With over 10 million roses sold to date, The Million Roses’ disruptive approach is clearly making a strong impression on floral customers. Time will tell as to whether the rest of the industry tries to follow suit — but based on the company’s current trajectory, it is clear that its approach is something floral customers have been waiting for for quite some time.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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