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Alexandre Bonvin and Audacia Group’s Rise to Prominence

Alexandre Bonvin developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit, as well as skills in real estate, private equity, and business administration, through his studies in the United States and at the London School of Economics. As the founder and CEO of Audacia group, he started the company in 2018 after the acquisition of its first brand called KissKiss, and he has since gone on to work with multiple other companies in the process. Audacia, which now manages sixteen different online platforms that offer products or services, is active in over 45 countries worldwide and serves more than 2.3 million customers.

Audacia Group—one of the first companies to tokenize its share on the blockchain in 2021—has been featured in multiple Swiss media outlets such as Bilan (which includes Entrepreneurs Under 40 and Panorama 2023), PMA Magazine, Watson, RTS, and Forbes Europe, among others.

When asked about the challenges related to developing Audacia, Bonvin states that major world events such as the pandemic “have promoted ways of consuming things such as e-commerce.” As a result, “[Audacia Group] has had to adapt to customers, their needs, and their expectations.”

Bonvin says that e-commerce is an industry that evolves quickly, and as a result, one must adapt constantly in order to adjust to the demanding operational processes, such as production, storage, payment, and delivery. At Audacia, the company brings together the most promising online companies and empowers them to generate growth through the use of digital consumer experiences and operational excellence. Audacia has worked to help many companies grow not only in prominence but also to help them achieve their goals.

Audacia’s brands, and the products they sell, range from sticker websites such as Stickeryeti and Stickerkid to French-speaking platform IdealVoyance for life coaching, the scented candle brand Kandle, and other sites such as Happy Pets and Sea You Sun, both of which specialize in the sale of natural, clean, and organic products. They’ve even planted nearly 280,000 trees to compensate for their employees’ ecological footprint, making their work ethic not just eco-friendly, but environmentally sustainable.

This wide array of products and services that have flourished with the help of Audacia’s work, as well as its business practices in promoting niche markets, demonstrates their effectiveness throughout the digital market. Their constant push for evolution in these spaces ensures that Audacia is never left behind, nor are the brands that collaborate with them. Bonvin is always on the lookout for promising Swiss and European e-commerce companies, which puts Audacia ahead of the game.

In the future, Bonvin says he wants to make Audacia one of the Swiss references in commerce. “At Audacia we are doing something quite unique, as we now have a strong buy-and-build strategy for acquiring and consolidating e-commerce companies.”

In the next few years, their goals are to support and grow their brands in the best possible way, as well as to expand their activities and open up opportunities in new markets. As Audacia Group moves forward, Bonvin looks to solidify its position as a leader in the e-commerce sector, continuing to break new ground and set benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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