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The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre Transitions to “Allergy Centre of Excellence”

The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre is thrilled to announce its rebranding as the “Allergy Centre of Excellence”, reflecting our deepened commitment to pioneering in the field of food allergy treatment and care. 

Renewed Focus on Clinical Excellence and Patient-Centric Care 

Building on the foundation established by The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre, the Allergy Centre of Excellence has intensified its dedication to clinical excellence and patient-oriented care. The centre was founded by the renowned Professors Gideon Lack, Adam Fox, and George Du Toit and continues to lead in paediatric allergy care with groundbreaking treatments like PALFORZIA, an FDA-approved therapy that revolutionizes peanut allergy treatment from mere avoidance to proactive management. 

The rebranding reflects a commitment to offering comprehensive allergy care, maintaining stringent safety standards, and providing a patient-first approach tailored to the complex requirements of those suffering from severe allergies. 

Advancing Allergy Treatment with PALFORZIA 

The introduction of PALFORZIA in 2020 as the first licensed food immunotherapy in the US and Europe was a key moment for expansion of other oral immunotherapy treatments. The Allergy Centre of Excellence’s programmes, mark a shift towards not just avoiding allergens, but actively protecting against them, facilitated by our partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital which offers advanced facilities for allergen administration. Oral desensitisation programmes thus far have proven to significantly improve children and their families quality of life. Though OIT is not a cure, it offers a layer of protection against trace exposure to the allergen.   

Enhancing Services to Address Increasing Allergy Prevalence 

In light of the increasing incidence of severe food allergies, the Allergy Centre of Excellence has expanded its desensitisation treatments to include almond, cashew, hazelnut, sesame, wheat, milk and walnut alongside PALFORZIA. These new treatments are grounded in recent oral immunotherapy (OIT) advancements, which have shown success in desensitising patients, thereby enhancing both safety and quality of life.  

Integrity and Empathy at the Core of Our Process 

Our centre’s allergy desensitisation process is comprehensive and focused on the patient. We prioritise shared decision-making, ensuring that families are well-informed about their treatment options. Our protocols are meticulously designed to ensure safety and efficacy, covering every step from initial assessment to the maintenance phase of treatment. 

Looking Forward: Innovating for a Better Future 

As the Allergy Centre of Excellence, we are committed to leading future innovations in allergy treatment. Driven by our core values of empathy, clinical excellence, integrity, respect, and teamwork, we continue to push the boundaries of allergy care, striving to improve the lives of our patients and redefine standards in healthcare. 

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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