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When American Law Enforcement Calls, Execs Call Sam Mangel

When Sam Mangel was remanded directly into American Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody following sentencing for charges related to insurance fraud, he found himself in a truly unsavory position: not only was he going to federal prison, he was unprepared.

“Finding myself unprepared was an unfamiliar feeling, as I always had a plan,” shared Mangel, who had found a long and successful business career, “Suddenly, I had a lot to figure out.”

Mangel did just that. Despite a five-year sentence, Mangel served just two years at the minimum-security federal prison camp in Miami before returning home to his family.

It was a journey that demanded Mangel learn the intricacies of federal recidivism programming, navigate the unique bureaucratic processes of the BOP, and discover how to advocate for himself in an environment unlike any other. As Mangel says, it’s a journey he wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Mangel turned that painful experience into a new career as a federal prison consultant, helping high-profile American business leaders, medical professionals, politicians, and foreign nationals through some of their darkest and most challenging days.

“I remember how it felt to work through the justice system on my own. That experience informs my focus on delivering compassionate and personal advice,” says Mangel.

Mangel’s first-hand experience is something even the best criminal defense attorneys cannot offer, underscoring the need to add a federal prison consultant to your legal team if facing charges in the United States.

And according to Mangel, there is no reason to wait until sentencing day to find one.

“There is a lot of opportunity for a qualified federal prison consultant to make an impact pre-sentencing, before you know if you’ll need to serve time in prison,” says Mangel, “The earlier you engage in sentence mitigation techniques, the better.”

Not only can a federal prison consultant assist in curating personal character reference letters and building the personal narrative package that a judge uses to consider your personal characteristics, but can also help in a way that is invaluable to foreign nationals seeking to remain home and out of American prison: preparing a treaty transfer.

A treaty transfer, officially known as an international prisoner transfer, is a legal arrangement that allows foreign nationals convicted of a crime in one country to serve the remainder of their prison sentence in their home country. This process is facilitated through treaties between the country where the individual was convicted and their home country.

The primary goal of these transfers is to allow prisoners to serve their sentences in an environment that is closer to their families, which can significantly aid in their rehabilitation and reintegration into society once released. It is also a humanitarian benefit, allowing prisoners to serve out their sentence in their home country.

But despite all of the good a treaty transfer can represent for the incarcerated, and their family, it is not an easy process.

“By being proactive and initiating the treaty transfer process at the earliest stage possible, we can set the groundwork for smoother negotiations and transitions if incarceration becomes unavoidable,” Mangel explains.

This early intervention is crucial, especially for foreign nationals who might face challenges if incarcerated in the United States, such as limited English. A federal prison consultant like Mangel understands the intricacies of these international agreements and works diligently to ensure that all legal avenues are explored and utilized effectively.

“Each case is unique, and understanding the nuances of the journey can make a substantial difference in the outcome,” says Mangel.

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Claire James
Claire James
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