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Important Factors for Successful Indoor Plant Growth

Marijuana cultivation is not for everyone; the process is laborious, and a slight mistake like insufficient or too much lighting can harm the entire plant. Besides, cannabis law varies from state to state. Therefore, whether the individual planning to grow this plant is a medical user or just for recreational use, they must research cannabis laws in their state and brace themselves because the growing process can be overwhelming. This article will discuss a few things that growers need to know before growing this plant indoors.

Start Small

It is expected for cultivators to get the urge to go big when growing marijuana. However, first-timers should start small to understand the growing process before going big. Starting small might seem like a waste of time, but this is important since it is a learning process. Creating and managing a small space or a closet is easier than making a large cannabis grow area. When choosing the space, the grower must know that some states only permit the plant’s growth if it is out of sight.

Another consideration to remember is that a suitable space is where the grower can control the amount of light that gets into the room. Proper lighting is a crucial factor in the growth of cannabis. Once the cultivator has identified a suitable space, the next step is to start the process. Growers might need help getting marijuana seeds to ensure they get the best variety in the market. Planting the wrong seeds will affect the growth and the harvest.

Decide on the Growing Medium

The grower must choose the best cannabis growing medium for high yields. They can use soil, use organic matter, or use hydroponics. No matter their medium, they must control the nutrients and water the plant gets. Note that the cannabis plant will need the right amount of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This is important, especially during the planting and germination stage. After the seeds germinate, the plant will go into a vegetative state. During this stage, the plant will need over 18 hours of light and temperature between 70-85o F. If the seeds are not feminized, this is the right stage to remove the male plants. 

Harvest Time

The female plant will get thick and heavy scented buds at this stage, and the trichomes will develop. When this happens, the daily light cycle should be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. The cultivator should stop giving the plant nutrients and only focus on watering the plant. To determine if the plant is ready for harvesting, the grower should check the trichomes to determine if the terpenes or the cannabinoids are fully formed. A plant ready for harvesting will have the trichomes change from clear or cloudy to amber. After several months in the project, it is an exciting time for the grower when they finally get to harvest and cure the plant. Though this is the final step, it might take up to five weeks for the plant to be ready. 

Learning to grow cannabis can be overwhelming because of many factors that the grower has to consider. The worst part is for the grower to go through the entire process and not get any harvest because they made a mistake. Rather than doing trial and error, it is essential to research before starting planting to increase the chances of getting high yields. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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