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Nick Bontis, World-Renowned Keynote Speaker Celebrates Audience Impact

Meet Dr. Nick Bontis

Dr. Nick Bontis is a world-renowned keynote speaker, strategy expert and tenured professor at McMaster University. Recently unveiling his new podcast, Bontis on Business, he has been making rounds on digital streaming services and online news sites. With boundless energy and a dynamic and engaging delivery style, he is highly regarded in the world of professional speaking.

Delivering keynote speeches that attract thousands of people, he says that the key to connecting with your audience is knowing how to speak to them through dynamic on-stage delivery with a hint of humor. In today’s interview on ABC Money, he has agreed to share his top tips for delivering powerful keynote speeches, as well as discuss the topics he shares with audiences around the world.

The Canadian Forces said, “Dr. Bontis’ presentation on improving leadership skills is a must-see,” and the Oakville Chamber of Commerce said, “We all know the mantra of work harder, not smarter, but how do we do it? – Ask Nick!”

Delivering an Impactful Speech 

On the topic of delivering a powerful keynote speech, Dr. Nick Bontis says that it’s important to offer your audience value. It’s through the value of information combined with impactful delivery that you are able to engage people and keep them hooked on every last word.

Here are the top three ROI benefits of hiring Nick Bontis as a keynote speaker:

Impact: Nick Bontis’ award-winning teaching skills and executive education experience provide audiences with an unparalleled experience that becomes truly memorable, and most importantly, impacts the bottom-line. Dr. Nick Bontis ensures that audiences walk away with the ROI they expect.

When it comes to impact, Bontis promises to customize his content to your needs leaving your audience with targeted, long-term behavioral outcomes.

Experience: Over the last quarter century, Dr. Bontis has continued to grow his reputation by dazzling audiences around the world. His unique expertise mixes his passion for research with an ability to deliver dynamic content in a manner that always leaves his audiences yearning for more.

On experience itself, Nick Bontis promises to assist your conference planning team in making your event the most memorable your audience has ever experienced.

Attention: Fully present, fully aware and ready to set the stage for events globally, Dr. Bontis is ready to give you his full attention, and he has no diva demands. When organizations wish to speak to him or discuss using his talent, they can send him an email and describe their event. They don’t have to wait. He will set up as many calls as necessary with organizations to ensure they look great and their event rocks.

Nick Bontis says that we can all be powerful leaders, and it’s never too late to start. Through the delivery of impactful keynote speeches, he wants to do more than motivate people, but help them realize their abilities and true potential.

Providing Solutions to Specific Problems 

In addition to providing ROI and benefits to audiences and organizations across the globe, Nick Bontis also provides solutions to common problems organizations, HR professionals and executives face on a daily basis.

He helps people who suffer from information bombardment and overload of work with too much to do and not enough time to do it, and he promises people to help increase their productivity while ensuring a work-life balance and a higher level of efficiency.

From leadership and productivity to collaboration and communication, innovation and growth, Dr. Nick Bontis is actively seeking new conferences and diverse audiences to present to.

A Passion for Moving Audiences Internationally 

Dr. Nick Bontis says he has a passion for what he does, and this is evidenced by his work. As one of the top-cited research professors in his field, delivering keynote speeches globally and still taking an active role in sports both personally and as an executive, Dr. Nick Bontis says it’s the love of what he does that keeps him going.

To learn more about Dr. Nick Bontis, you can visit his personal website or his official audio website to get access to his latest podcast episodes, audio interviews, insights and more.

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