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Which format is better: FLAC or MP3?

Overview of FLAC and MP3 files

FLAC, an acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a digital audio file format that contains compressed lossless files. In other words, FLAC file formats can minimize the size of the audio file without reducing its original quality. Moreover, FLAC files support numerous metadata, such as album details and art, thus boosting the listener’s experience. This open-source file format is designed to make it simpler and smoother for everyone to use.  Besides, FLAC files are compatible with many music players; therefore, it’s a favorite among music enthusiasts. However, these formats may not be supported universally as MP3 files. MP3 is a widely used digital audio file format that stores audio data in a compressed manner for easy storage and sharing across different operating systems, platforms, and devices. MP3 is astandard technology developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). Also known as a lossy file format, an MP3 file uses unique compression algorithms to minimize the overall file size.

Advantages of the FLAC file format

FLAC files offer the following benefits.

Lossless quality

Lossless compression is the greatest advantage of FLAC files, as it delivers the highest sound quality. These files can compress music or audio data by 30-50% of the original file size. These files are compressed via a special algorithm that eliminates unnecessary or extra bits of data. However, this data is restored when the FLAC files are played back via a music player. Therefore, the resultant file sounds similar to the original file. As a result, no data is lost during the compression process.

Support for high resolution

The FLAC file format is great for storing high-quality audio or music files, and that too while occupying low disc space. If you are a music lover or a music composer and wish to create a huge library of unlimited audio and music files, you can store them as the .flac extension. You can enjoy a vast music gallery and still save your storage space.

Disadvantages of the FLAC format

FLAC files also have their downsides.

Compatibility with different devices

Unlike MP3 or WAV, which is supported universally across almost all platforms and hardware, FLAC file extensions are not universally supported across multiple audio players, operating systems, or devices. Therefore, to be able to open or access a FLAC file, you need to find a compatible device or software application or convert it into more widely accepted formats, like MP3.

Not space-efficient

FLAC files are undoubtedly great space savers, as they can retain audio information in low file sizes without losing quality. However, other lossless codecs can store the same music data in less disc space. So, FLAC files are not so space-efficient compared to other lossless audio file formats.

Advantages of the MP3 file format

Take a look at the benefits of MP3 file format.

Smaller size

The file size of an MP3 format is smaller than the standard CD audio format, which is why users can store numerous audio files within a lesser amount of disc space. Therefore, users can distribute MP3 files easily across various devices or platforms, making it a great choice for people with limited storage space.

Universal compatibility

The .mp3 extension is widely supported across multiple media players, computer systems, and audio or video-sharing platforms. Furthermore, the reduced file sizes of MP3 make it popular among content creators or social influencers, who can share and stream their audio and video files seamlessly.

Disadvantages of the MP3 format

Keep the following cons of MP3 files in mind.

Lossy compression

Since MP3 uses a lossy data compression algorithm, some of the audio information may be lost or degraded. It hampers the audio quality of the resultant file. When audio files are excessively compressed, the sound is usually inaudible or accompanied by a lot of noise. You can notice this audio information with a high-quality or specialized speaker or headphones.

No high resolution support

Since MP3 files involve lossy compression, they may lack high bit depth, which deteriorates the audio resolution of the file. High-resolution audio files are those having larger sample rates of more than 44.1 kHz. These files also have higher audio bit depths, more than 16-bit. Audio files with higher bit rates generate more accurate and clearer audio signals.

Can you convert FLAC to MP3 files?

Since FLAC files are not universally compatible, you can easily convert FLAC to MP3 audio using an online converter or a supported media player. If you are using an online conversion tool, first you must upload your FLAC audio file and then select MP3 as your preferred output file. After making the necessary output settings, hit the Convert button and wait for the download process to start. Try choosing a tool that starts the download process automatically, as it will save time.

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