Saturday, July 13, 2024

Xelix Introduces Helpdesk, a Gen AI Tool for Managing Vendor Queries

Xelix, a prominent provider of Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay software, is delighted to announce the launch of its newest solution, Helpdesk.

Tailored for enterprises dealing with thousands of vendors, Helpdesk provides an efficient and intelligent method for managing vendor queries.

Featuring advanced AI and security capabilities and integration with ERP systems and AP mailboxes, Helpdesk enables AP teams to address vendor queries swiftly. Consequently, organisations will experience fewer vendor-related disruptions, safeguarding their cash flow, reputation, and customer loyalty.

“We’re excited to bring Helpdesk to market and to help businesses streamline vendor query management. Our team has worked hard to develop a purpose-built platform for Accounts Payable that is accurate, intelligent and secure,” stated Paul Roiter, CEO & Co-Founder of Xelix.

“We can’t wait to see our customers put it to work and get back hundreds of hours each quarter.”

Helpdesk boasts a variety of features designed to revolutionise current AP ticketing and vendor query processes. Key features include:

  • Email categorisation and ticket creation: Helpdesk reads, interprets, and categorises vendor emails, extracting vital information to create detailed support tickets. AP teams can easily monitor and prioritise vendor tickets, ensuring prompt resolution of issues and enquiries.
  • Automated response generation: After analysing vendor emails, Helpdesk locates relevant information within the user’s ERP system to craft intelligent responses, saving AP teams considerable time each month.
  • End-to-end workflow automation: Utilising Large Language Models (LLMs), Helpdesk triggers the appropriate workflow for each query, often automating the process. For example, when a vendor submits a statement, Xelix recognises it, compares the statement data with the AP ledger, generates a statement reconciliation summary highlighting matches and discrepancies (including reasons for discrepancies), and sends it back to the vendor.
  • Reports and analytics: Helpdesk monitors key metrics and KPIs, enabling AP teams to stay compliant with SLAs, understand vendor query trends, track team productivity, and drive process improvements.

Helpdesk is now available to organisations worldwide. To learn more about Xelix’s Accounts Payable Helpdesk and how it can enhance your team’s efficiency, visit

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