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Coping in a volatile economy: How You Can Reduce Unexpected Costs with a Used Car

It’s amazing how, even during times of recession and economic uncertainty, certain consumer spending habits remain unchanged. According to, for example, the average male still spends approximately three months of their wages on an engagement ring for their partner, and this has remained unchanged for generations. Similarly, consumers always seek out used cars when the economy bites, often in instances when they can afford to buy a brand new model.

Make no mistake; however, keeping a car running can still be expensive, particularly in an economy where inflation is high and earnings stagnant. Unexpected costs are also a huge fear for any motorist, as this can both stop you from using your car and also cause plenty of financial concerns. The key to reducing unexpected costs is through maintaining the vehicle and keeping it in top condition.


Here are a few tips which could save you a small fortune over the years: –

Invest in Scheduled Maintenance

Regularly getting your car checked over is a great way to keep your car in good condition and to detect issues before they become major and costly problems. It is important to find a reputable and reliable garage to take a look at your car each year. This can also provide you with peace of mind when on the road.

Read your Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual will contain extremely valuable information which can help to maintain your vehicle. You will get an insight into how you can maximise the performance of your car and stop and major problems for occurring.

Check and Change the Oil

Without changing the oil, harmful deposits can build up and negatively affect the power and fuel economy. By regularly checking the oil and changing it every 5,000 miles (or every six months), it will minimise maintenance costs and ensure that the engine is working well. It is also important to top up the coolant fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

This is also a simple task, and one that you can learn to do independently quite easily.

Change the Air Filter

Changing car filters can prolong engine life and increase fuel efficiency, plus it is an affordable and relatively straightforward process. To figure out if your air filter needs changing, you should hold it up to strong light and see if the light comes through or not. If not, it is worth changing.

Monitor Mileage

It is crucial to track your mileage as a drop in consumption could indicate an issue with the gearbox or engine. By identifying this early, it could stop this from developing into a major and costly repair.


It is also vital that you have adequate insurance for your vehicle. This will give you protection on the road, peace of mind and help to reduce unexpected costs. When you use highly established companies, like, you can get comprehensive cover and protection if you are driving throughout Europe too.

Unexpected costs are a huge fear for all motorists, particularly in the post-Brexit climate of austerity. These tips will minimise the chance of this occurring and keep your vehicle in great condition, while saving you considerable amounts of money in the process.

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