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How to do Halloween on a budget

From getting crafty, scouring the sales and checking out budget retailers, there are plenty of ways to have a spooky Halloween without breaking the bank.


Money saving mum of two and blogger for, Kayleigh Hughes, has put together her guide on how to do Halloween on a budget.


Top tips include getting the family craft kit out to make your own decorations and scouring the internet and budget retailers for great deals.


Other advice includes checking out the charity shops for cut-price costumes and snapping up bargains from this Halloween after the big day to save ready for next years.


Kayleigh said: “Now I’m a mum I’ve passed on my love of Halloween to my three-year-old Joshua and far from him being scared he gets so excited looking around the shops at all the different decorations.


“With my love of Halloween it gets difficult not to overspend so I’ve put together a few tips on how to enjoy the day without spending a fortune.


“I’m all set and ready for a fun filled Halloween, so get bargain hunting and see what you can find.”


Here are Kalyeigh’s tips on having the perfect Halloween without splashing the cash:


  1. Get crafty – making decorations, baking cookies and carving pumpkins are all things you can do as a family and cheaply. One of the best places to find ideas is Pinterest, its bursting full of crafting tutorials and how to’s.


  1. Hit the sales – as with every holiday the best time to pick up items and get the best savings is just after. This is something I did last year and I managed to find so many good deals that I’ve stored until this year.


  1. Scout for deals- if you’re now getting your first Halloween bits, then there are still great bargains to be found in the run to the 31st This year has been brilliant for budget buys. Places like Poundland and B&M bargains have a huge range of items at low prices. Out has gone the gimmicky, cheesy items and in has come vintage potion bottles and signs. B&M have a brilliant range of large candles. I picked up a pumpkin pecan waffle one and it smells amazing and at only £2.99 I thought it was a great buy.


  1. Charity Shops – I know I talk a lot about charity shops but they really are an Aladdin’s cave of treasure. A local one just put out a whole load of Halloween themed treasures at rock bottom prices. I got both my boys a costume plus a few other items all for less than £5. The outfit I got for Jaxon is still selling in a major retailer for £9 and I paid just £1.49 for his.



Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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