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Ways to cut workplace spending

From ditching your walk to work coffee, making your own lunch and swapping the car for the bus, there are lots of ways to slash your workplace spending.


That’s according to the money saving guru’s at who have looked at the ways Brits could cut what they spend while they’re at work.


Splashing out on lunch and a morning coffee could set you back hundreds and that’s before you treat yourself to an afternoon snack.


Making small changes like taking in leftovers, swapping your bottled water for tap and avoiding the shops, could save you a fortune.


Darren Williams from said: “Being at work is about making and saving money, not spending it.
“A few simple changes can make all the difference. Ditch the morning coffee on your way in and straight away you’ve saved over £12 a week. Over a year that’s a whooping £650.


“Take the bus instead of the car and you’ll not only save on petrol, you can also ditch the pricey parking you shell out for. Even better, pull on your trainers and walk to work. It’s free and you’re exercising at the same time.


“The changes we’ve suggested are realistic and easy to achieve, and after a few weeks you’ll start to notice the difference where it counts – in your purse.”


Here are the top tips from to cut your workplace spending.


Ditch the coffee

Instead of buying a pricey coffee on your way to work, why not make it when you get there? You’ll only have to hang on a few more minutes and if your boss provides tea and coffee making facilities, you may as well use them. If they don’t, invest in a cheap kettle and a jar of coffee.


Make your own lunch

If your regular workday lunch is a meal deal, then you’re shelling out around £3.50 a day, or £17.50 a week. Annually, that’s a shocking £910. So make your sarnies or take leftovers and you’ll be spending pennies.


Bottled water for tap

If you grab a bottle of water along with your morning coffee on the way to the office – stop. Instead invest in a cheap water bottle and fill it up from the tap whenever you need a drink.
Cut out the chocolate

An afternoon snack can set you back up to £1 a day. Over the course of a week that’s £5 and a grand total of £260 a year. If you really can’t resist a sugary treat, buy in bulk and save yourself a few pounds.


Leave the car at home

Try swapping the car for public transport or if you live close enough to the office, go on foot instead. You’ll be cutting down on petrol and parking costs and if you chose to walk to work, you’ll be getting fit too.


Ditch the gym membership

If you usually head to the gym at lunchtime, ditch it and instead go for a brisk walk or run instead. You’ll save your annual membership and will get fit for free.


Avoid lunchtime shopping trips

If you have a lunchtime spending habit, then avoid hitting the shops and don’t be tempted by a bit of window shopping. Instead take your book into work or take a walk away from town to fill your lunch hour.


Shop in the sales

If you can’t resist heading to the shops and do need to snap up a few bits, head for the sale rails. An hour gives you just enough time to pick up a few bargains without going mad – and remember, question whether you actually need the item before it goes through the till.



Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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