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Christmas Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

Setting a budget, making a list (and checking it twice) and doing online comparisons are some of the top tips on how to get the most out of Christmas shopping.


The money-saving team at have come up with the essential do’s and don’ts when buying your presents this festive season.


Pointers include tactics on how to save money, like making DIY presents and avoiding taking your credit cards out shopping with you.


There are also handy reminders on how to get the best presents for your loved ones, by making sure the shops you are buying from have a good returns policy and avoiding procrastination when buying gifts.


They’ve also highlighted the doubts that you might have when doing your shopping, like worrying a gift-card is too ‘easy’ or forgetting to buy impromptu presents.


Darren Williams from said: “Christmas shopping can leave you feeling exhausted, penniless and stressed.


“But it doesn’t have to be all bad if you keep yourself organised and learn the important art of budgeting.


“By following these top tips, you can not only learn how to save some money but also what you need to be prioritising during the run up to Christmas.”


Here are the sites Christmas shopping do’s and don’ts:




  1. Do set a budget

Whilst it might be the season for giving, the most important rule of Christmas shopping is to refrain from over-spending. Set a budget for each person you are buying for and make sure you stick to it. There are some great apps out there that can help you budget as well.


  1. Do make a list and check it twice

Write down a rough idea of what you want to buy someone and the budget you have set for them. This will prevent you from wandering around the aisles in a bewildered state and will also stop you over-spending.


  1. Do check online for price comparisons

Online shopping is fast, stress-free and also full of amazing deals. So before heading out to the shops, check online to see if it’s cheaper.


  1. Do-it-yourself

If you need to save money this Christmas, why not make homemade gifts? These don’t have to be ‘makeshift’ just because they’re homemade. Some great ideas include festive fudge, bath bombs and homemade candles.


  1. Do buy from shops with a good returns policy

Whenever you are buying presents remember to get gift receipts at the checkout and also ask what the shops returns policy is. It’s great to get a rough idea of which stores offer the best returns, so that you can ensure your loved ones get the exact gift they want if yours isn’t right.




  1. Don’t take credit cards shopping

Taking credit cards with you to the shops is a huge mistake. Credit cards only leave you assuming you have more money than you actually do, leaving your mailbox flooded with bills in January. Instead, take your debit card and a bit of cash out with you so you can be cautious about how much you are spending.


  1. Don’t forget impromptu presents

Purchase a few bottles of wine and some boxes of chocolates just in case a surprise family member, friend or neighbour shows up unexpectedly at your door this Christmas. There is nothing worse than an embarrassing one-sided gift exchange.


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts

Don’t be left with the slim pickings on presents. Get in early and take advantage of all the offers given to you over the next month. The quality of presents dramatically decreases the closer you get to Christmas, so avoid procrastinating and get to it.


  1. Don’t worry that your presents are too ‘easy’

Gift cards may seem like easy options, but don’t fret, a lot of the time they are greatly appreciated. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts.


  1. Don’t forget where you parked your car after a day of shopping

This may seem like an obvious one, but with the mad dashes around the shops buying all your festive presents, you may just forget where you last left your car.



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