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Thread Veins: What are they and why are they becoming more common?

We’ve all heard of Botox, the anti-wrinkle treatment that’s gone from a niche product into one of the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures over the last two decades. But what about the other “secrets” of looking young, vibrant and full of life for as long as possible?

From injectible fillers to treatments to reduce the effects of damaged blood vessels, a variety of non-surgical treatments are growing in popularity, both among models and celebrities and the general UK public.

One increasingly popular treatment is the removal of thread veins — damaged blood vessels in the nose and cheeks that can affect the appearance of your skin and can create the illusion of an older face.

Also known as “spider veins”, thread veins occur when the small blood vessels called capillaries rupture. Overly dilated capillaries can cause blood to spread into nearby capillaries, creating the red, spider-like look with which many people are familiar.

Facial skin is made up of a complex series of thin, largely invisible veins that play an important role in blood circulation and tissue health. Even a slight number of thread veins can have a big effect on your appearance — one that most people would rather avoid.

Aside from options like concealers and artificial tanning gels, there are a variety of options that reduce the appearance of thread veins.

One option is to prevent thread veins from appearing in the first place. Stay out of the sun (or shade your face when you are in the sun) and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of noticeable thread veins developing around your nose and cheeks.

Avoiding alcohol is also effective at reducing the risk of thread vein development. Other causes of thread veins include acne (which can be reduced through diet, lifestyle changes and the use of anti-acne medication) and rosacea.

However, a large part of thread vein development can be attributed to genetics and aging — two factors you don’t have any control over.

Luckily, thread vein treatments are becoming popular across the UK. Compared to conventional plastic and aesthetic surgical treatments, thread vein removal is remarkably affordable. It’s also a non-surgical treatment with none of the painful recovery of traditional cosmetic surgery.

Instead of a scalpel, thread vein treatments use a powerful laser to push light energy into the facial skin, causing blood to coagulate and reabsorb into the blood vessels.

Advanced Skin Lounge, a cosmetic and skin treatment clinic in Farsley, prices its thread vein removal treatments in Leeds from just £25. The clinic’s expert staff recommend a series of one to four treatments taken six to eight weeks apart in order to allow for effective recovery.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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