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The 12 hardest UK universities to get into

This awesome infographic will take you through the 12 most competitive universities in the United Kingdom, based on the average total UCAS points that new undergraduates possess. School PR specialists GK have included universities such as the university of Bath, University of Oxford and the university of Cambridge. Please see the infographic for the full list of universities.

Elliot Preece

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May 17, 2017

This is not up to date, in fact it is very very old data, you should redact this article to prevent the spread of false information. The 10 hardest universities to get into according to UCAS points are (for 2015 entry):

1. Cambridge (592)
2. Oxford (570)
3. Imperial College (552)
4. London School of Economics (537)
5. St Andrews (525)
6. Durham (519)
7. University College London (501)
8. Bristol (485)
9. Edinburgh (483)
10. Strathclyde (480)
11. Bath (479)
12. Warwick (478)

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