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Changing Trends for the London Restaurant Industry

London is home to a smorgasbord of delectable cuisines. A cosmopolitan destination of epic foods from across the subcontinent, European capitals, and North Africa. London ranks among the crème de la crème of fine dining destinations, foremost among its high-class areas is St. James situated snugly south of Piccadilly. This aristocratic haven has won the hearts and minds of international travellers and Londoners.

From spirits and wine, to fish and chips, St. James is home to it all. For the intrepid explorer, St. James and greater London provide variety in abundance, with fine restaurants, eateries and pubs peppering the landscape. The likes of Quilon, Roux at Parliament Sq., Caxton Grill and Emmeline’s Lounge rank highly with food connoisseurs. Of course, the listing of premium-grade restaurants is extensive and all-encompassing.

Recently a major restaurant upgrade took place in St. James Market when Oxford Properties and the Crown Estate signed off on a joint venture. The £400 million deal will significantly upgrade the area between Haymarket and Regent St., St. James. Half an acre of prime real estate is being developed for 7 new restaurants, a Smeg & Swiss cycling store, and many other brands.

Massive New Investments in London Restaurant Industry

World-class chefs at the Aquavit restaurants will feature Emma Bengtsson – the executive chef of the Manhattan-based Aquavit franchise. She will be working alongside Henrik Ritzen from Mayfair’s Arts Club. In St. James, it’s horses for courses – high-class dining all the way. Restaurants like Veneta are slated to be incredibly popular, with opulence, charm and old-school appeal. These exotic European establishments will feature fine wines, cheeses and specialty desserts.

The St. James client roster includes a modern international demographic with an average age of 36. St. James features restaurants like 45 Jermyn St., Chutney Mary, and Estiatorio Milos. These glamorous enclaves are part and parcel of a massive £500 million capital injection courtesy of The Crown Estate. Many of the landlords in the bustling hubbub of London are looking to establish themselves in a unique way, but they end up partnering with conglomerates and chain stores to further expand London’s fine eateries. St. James remains a central locale for foodies, and for good reason.

New Businesses Seeking Commercial Kitchen Space in the Capital

The London restaurant scene is a hive of activity. Despite Brexit-related concerns, the food industry has proven resilient with positive growth trends. Entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to fellow professionals to establish their food enterprises. With space at a premium, and the prohibitive cost of establishing a fully functional kitchen, alternatives are being sought by restaurateurs.

Kitchen space in London is highly desirable, notably with high-end establishments. All successful restaurants are grounded in high-quality commercial kitchens.  Stylish kitchen companies like Foodstars are now supplying kitchens to members for a month or more. They cater to restaurants, retail, caterers and other large establishments.

Flexible kitchen hire plans are coming into their own as a cost-effective way of establishing a business enterprise in this lucrative industry. Typical kitchen sizes range from 400 ft.² upwards with full compliance with health & safety standards, and the most ergonomic designs. UK food entrepreneurs are part of a new breed of London capitalists seeking to satiate the taste buds of their patrons with delectable culinary treats. London’s beer and wine industry is alive and well, and many transatlantic chefs and entrepreneurs have relocated to the country’s capital to set up shop and cater to patrons.

One such food brand is Jarr Kombucha. A mouth-watering selection of cocktails explains why this taste sensation is all the rage with foodies. Founded by Californian Adam Vanni, Jarr Kombucha is but one of many London-based restaurants that is hitting its straps with customers from all parts of the world. Foodstars has started a new trend by renting out commercial kitchens, and London is at the heart of this delectable new offering.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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