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Looking for new opportunities of wise real estate investment? Let’s talk about Andorra

Seeking to new opportunities of investment? Trying to turn your whole life savings into a tried and tested option to generate profit and make the most of them? The truth is that real estate is still a great investment option that not only generates an ongoing income source but also, depending on the chosen place, might see its own value raised over time. For that reason, finding the right place is key to see the return on investment and to have that (needed) feeling of self-reassurance.

The quest for the right place to invest in real estate is not an easy one, but we have a couple of ideas that we’d much like to share with you. One of our suggestions is to think about a country strategically located, with an ever-growing economy and a long proof history of economic prosperity: Andorra

The idea of Andorra property is an appealing one for various reasons. Let’s analyse them. The privileged location of the country surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the considerable high quality of life not to mention the tax benefits are alluring enough to attire investments from all over the world.

A 468 m2 and 71,000 residents country has known how to build a solid, brand new economic model that responds to the more actual demands. Strategically located between Spain and France, a place that built its prosperity on a model of tourism, trade and construction, has known better and reinvented itself to offer even new horizons that better respond to the new economic models. The attractive fiscal advantages completed integrated into an international context undoubtedly offers opportunities for many types of investment, being the perfect soil to see companies with an international vocation to grow, expand and bloom.

Let’s see in deep why invest in Andorra is a wise move.

  • A new economic model: based on the liberalisation of foreign investments, Andorra offers different strategic opportunities on both a business and individual level, creating a new model over the old -but always successful- built in the past over tourism and the construction sectors, even defying the more recent international pressures pursuing zero offshore zones.


  • Taxes. The present tendency to transparency has led to an international response towards the necessity of an automatic tax information exchange. A total of 51 countries have already signed a multilateral agreement for automatic tax information. Andorra has also signed, but to begin this procedure in 2018, with the expectation of a retroactive period of one year.


  • The exceptional quality of life. The independent principality holds a privileged position regarding the level of per capita distribution, placing the country on the international map only below Luxembourg and Switzerland.


  • Low tax burden translated into more advantageous cost of living and everyday benefits, other than great opportunities of important business. Residents can benefit from high standard products and services prices that are remarkably lower compared to other countries in Europe.


  • Location of privilege and natural environment. Proximity to countries like France and Spain makes it unique, with a natural protected environment that is incomparable.


  • Excellent security standards. Stability and security are two key points in any real estate investment. Andorra has the lowest crime rate in the world which makes it socially,  stable country with a high citizen security rate.


  • Unbeatable Healthcare. The exceptional quality of the public health system excels on its own but also enables benefitting from healthcare abroad via international


  • Recreational and sports facilities. Famous as a winter ski destination, the principality offers not only skiable areas but also all sorts of mountain sports as well as many opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures, as well as thermal wellness facilities.


  • Cultural footprint. Art and tradition have always been present offering the highest number of museums per inhabitant in the world. But also a National Auditorium a Congress Centre and all sorts of events and festivals throughout the year. The new landmark is the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the right place to find Gauguin, Matisse and Monet.


  • New technologies. The country is always open to newness, development and innovations in all fields, and technology is no exception. Andorra is, in fact, a pioneer in the field, with the digital switch-over and UMTS coverage that have already taken place and a countrywide available fibre-optic network.

There is no doubt that the Principality has become an interesting opportunity for investors with both short and long-term vision. The advantage that the real estate investment offers is crystal clear: in addition to the possibility of permanent flowing income, a growing capitalization value and multiple business opportunities.

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