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What Is the Best Time to Visit Canada With Your Family?

It is important to take holiday break once in a year with your family. In case, you’re planning to go for a vacation with your family, Canada can be a great idea.

Canada is one of the most famous and wonderful places in the world. Each year numerous tourists visit Canada for exploring its endless beauty. The lifestyle of people in Canada is really vibrant and involves several aspects such as sports, dance, rich tradition, culture, politics, education, music and much more. This guide will brief you about some ideas on when you should visit Canada.

Visiting in Summers

  • April

In case, you’re planning your vacation for Canada in summers, April is not a good time to visit. This is because in April the weather is not suitable for winter sports. Moreover, April is an early time for summer sports and activities due to which most of the tourist attractions remain close in April.

  • May-June

Mid of May to end of June is a wonderful time for visiting Canada with your family. Since there are not lots of tourists in Canada during May-June, the prices of accommodation and other activities are very reasonable. Though most of the attractions remain closed in beginning of May, the weather is still great to make it in May-June.

  • July-August

This is the peak season to visit Canada with family for vacation. In case, you’re planning your vacation during these months, make sure that you make all the bookings 6-9 months prior to the visit. This is important because last minute booking can cost you more due to high demand induced surge in prices.

  • September-November

During these months, weather is very pleasant and you can enjoy vacation with your family. Moreover, most of the tourists’ attractions are open by this time of year. There are not many tourists during these months, which means you can easily grab accommodation, meals and other attractions in affordable prices.

Visiting in Winters

Canadian winter starts in December and lasts till March. Winter is a great time to visit Canada and enjoy exciting activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding.

  • Mid December-January

During this time, the weather in Canada is very pleasant. However, it is very busy time of the year due to New Year and Christmas festival. Hence, in case you’re planning your vacation during this time, make sure that you make bookings at least 6 months prior to your visit. Moreover, an early booking will ensure that you get cheaper prices for flights and accommodation.

  • February-March

During this time, temperature in Canada starts rising. However, since schools are closed at this time due to spring break, there’re lots of tourists during this time. Hence, make sure that you book available slots 6 months prior to your visit. Additionally, if you delay booking to last minute, ticket and accommodation charges will be very high. Therefore, plan in advance and go ahead accordingly.

Snow Time

In case, your main aim of visiting Canada is to experience snow, then the best time is March. In the beginning of March, snowfall starts in Canada. There are many tourists in Canada during this time and most of the attractions are also open. However, make sure that you carry winter clothes and other required items.

Best Value Time

Moreover, March-May is the most affordable time to visit Canada with your family. Not many people visit Canada during this time which keeps accommodation and air fares lower. March-May is also known as “mud season” in Canada.  There are various agencies such as eTA Canada, which can guide you about airfares and Canada travelling plans.

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