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5 Small Hacks That Will Make Your House Look Bigger

Feeling like you’re running out of space? If you wish to make your house look more bigger and less cramped, check out our easy and affordable hacks below to get the most out of your space without moving any walls.

1. Multifunctional furniture

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for limited spaces, many homeowners face the same question – what size and form should they go for? The key to making a small home feel comfortable is investing in furniture that fits the apartment’s dimension and serves multiple purposes – such as storage pouffe or fitted wardrobe. It’s also important that you pick the right surface such as see-through plastic or glass, which help with reflecting light and boosting the sense of space. You can take some help from “painter and decorator london” for refurnishing your home along with decorating it in the best way.

2. Declutter

In small place is crucial to have things organised and free from any clutter – it only takes a pile of paper to overwhelm a smaller space! Unfortunately, if you’re living is a little flat you can’t just throw the unnecessary crumbs into a spare chamber – instead, you might want to think about renting a unit with your local self-storage provider.

3. Let there be a light

To make a small space feel bigger, utilise the right lighting strategy as small rooms with little light may give you a claustrophobic reaction. To open up your room a bit don’t rely on a single source of light in the centre of the room and use multiple lamps instead to create layered lighting design.

4. Statement piece

Owning a small place doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the home décor you want, as going for the fearless statement pieces can also help with boosting the space. For example, choose the boldly shaped and hued sofa instead of multiple chairs which will not only generate a “wow” factor, but will also help to control the clutter.

5. Use mirrors

Mirrors are probably the most important accessories you should pay attention to when decorating a small space. Expanding walls, amplifying light, illuminating dark corners – they can be used to solve any design dilemma. They can also create an illusion of depth and space, so don’t be afraid of placing a large mirror in a tiny space.

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