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Mind, body and the windows to your soul. Where to focus your wellbeing on a budget.

Staying healthy and looking after ourselves is of vital importance. Many of us are caught up in a constant desire to improve our fitness, mental health and general wellbeing. It’s not always easy to remember to take care of ourselves, especially when we’re busy taking care of work and life. Likewise, the meditation classes, doctors appointments and vegetables come with a cost. There are, however, ways to get healthier whilst on a tight budget.

It’s worth considering which parts of the body have the biggest impact on our general overall health. The eyes, stomach and mind are three parts of the body that, if looked after well, will improve your general wellbeing.

Eyes. How you see the world

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. They are the most expressive organ in the human body and play an important role in our ability to learn and communicate. So, maintaining good eye health is pretty important. The first step in preserving your sight is to regularly see an optician. This will determine whether glasses or daily contact lenses are required, and you’ll be able to gauge the potential effect on your budget.

If you do need some, popular contact lenses include both daily and monthly options; the latter is often far cheaper, so you’ll have no issue finding some cheap contact lenses to suit your budget. Our eyes are also good indicators of our overall health. Eye examinations may indicate underlying disease or illness. Light is a huge factor in eye damage, so watch out for the sun and computer screens.

Stomach. How you taste the world

You are what you eat. A balanced diet should be everyone’s health priority. Good food contributes to our overall happiness, prevents many causes of certain diseases, like heart disease, and offers us the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain the human body. An easy way to provide a healthy meal on little money is to consider buying more of one thing and eating fewer little things. Buying bulk whole foods, and avoiding consuming snacks, is an extremely effective way to organise your budget and cut down on unhealthy and unnecessary nibbles.

Mind. How you think about the world

A YouGov survey in 2017 outlined that one in five employees across the United Kingdom had issues with their mental health across the year. Keeping your mind healthy is as, if not more, important as the heart or lungs. Our jobs may be the biggest contributing factor to bad mental wellbeing. Meditation and exercise are proven antidotes, and there are a few simple self-care tips you can implement that won’t break the bank. Manage work hours, to limit unneeded stress during down time. Turn off your phone at night – this will improve your sleeping pattern and boost your general health. Consider volunteering. Giving to others activates the social parts of our brain, boosts self-esteem and provides the brain with key development processes by learning new skills.

If online blogs, social media and the television are making you confused about how to tackle your wellbeing effectively and cheaply, just remember to first consider how you can alter tiny aspects of your lifestyle that will improve your wellbeing for free. And secondly, look after the parts of your body that have the most impact on your overall health. Walk to work, wear sunglasses and eat fruit and vegetables. You may see the benefits.

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