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6 Factors to Decide between Self and Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Letting yourself out of tenancy comes with a lot of responsibilities and paperwork. The most significant task is to handover the well-maintained property to its rightful owner. It is not a one-day job; cleaning must be a routine work for the residents. Any sort of ignorance may end up inexorbitant expenses. You would do well looking for cleaning services Chicago.

Whatever daily methods you apply for cleaning the premises and property, the end of tenancy cleaning (EOT cleaning) needs to be done by the tenants before they move out the property. Any disagreement about the cleaning quality of property can lead to complex disputes. This may become a ground for a subsequent amount of deduction in the tenancy deposit money.

Now the dilemma is, whether to choose self-cleaning or approach the professional EOT cleaning services. Well, the expense amount can surely be the deciding factor here, but it is not the only consideration to be made. You can evaluate the decision based on the following grounds.

Bird-eye view of the property

This refers to taking a broad view of the present condition of your rented property. Large impact damage like breaking of furniture or appliance, color markers on walls, torn off carpets, damage to wooden floors, etc. cannot go unnoticed and will cost a fortune to the property owner. But if there are no such prevalent conditions, the simple cleaning and maintenance can be done by tenants themselves.

Time duration of the tenancy

In shorter tenancy period, there are hardly any major instances of uncleanliness or depreciation. With some personal help, it is more reasonable to self-clean the spaces & furniture. For if you are living for a longer period, the wear and tear is of considerable amount. To save yourself from tiring effort, it is best to look for EOT cleaning companies which offer different types of commercial cleaning services.

Number of helping hands

If you have supporting hands from family and friends, cleaning can be fun. There would not be any second thoughts about choosing the self-cleaning option. You just have to think how you can make end of tenancy cleaning a hassle-free task.

Size of the property

The size of the property can be a single factor which lets you to quickly dial professional cleaning company. The bigger the unit is, the more complex it will be to provide satisfactory self-cleaning. Properties with large area and furnishings require a planned cleaning checklist so that every nook and corner of the house remains shining.

Your affordability

Just as large property size compels you to go for cleaning company services, lack of affordability in terms of money will let you pick up cleaning cloth yourself. In such a case, it will be convenient for you if you start early with cleaning, instead of keeping it for last few days of your tenancy period. But if you are experiencing health issues while handling the cleaning supplies, switch to professional cleaning in no-time.

Contract clause

It is a law that no landlord can force tenant for professional cleaning. Mutual understanding plays a role here and lets you decide better. For example, if you asked the owner to professionally clean the property before you moved in, the owner may ask you to do the same when you leave.

Abovementioned factors help in making a quick decision. This ensures that tenancy should end on good terms instead of sour disputes which will cost more expenses and above all, broken relationships.

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