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Get the Most Money for Your Personal Injury Settlement or Reward

You’ve been so badly injured in an accident that you’re unable to enjoy your life the way you used to. The injuries you’ve sustained are significant and they have cost you a lot both financially and emotionally. Though it can be hard to put a price tag on the quality of someone’s life, when you’ve been wrongfully hurt, seeking financial compensation can make getting through the other changes a lot easier. If you’ve recently filed a personal injury claim or have been injured in an accident and want to be compensated heavily for it, you should take heed to this advice.

Hire an Attorney

No need in sugar coating things, if you’re going to get a fair shake with your insurance claim, settlement, or lawsuit you’re going to need the backing of a legal professional. Experts like Steve Schwartzapfel are well-versed in personal injury law and work around the clock to help their clients get compensated. They can talk with insurance adjusters, other attorneys, and the negligent parties on your behalf to ensure you get what is rightfully yours.

Write Down Everything

With each passing day, the details of the accident can become a bit blurrier for you. In order to get compensated adequately, you must report every detail as it happens. When you’re able, it is important to record everything. Whether it’s what was said at the scene of the accident, witness information, how you felt, names of authorities, camera sightings, etc., no detail is too small in terms of its potential significance later down the line.

Keep a Journal

Outside of recording information, you remember about the accident, it is also important to keep a journal. One of the things you could get paid for in a settlement or lawsuit is pain and suffering. As you’re feeling uncomfortable and unable to enjoy life the same, this can all equate to a payout. Keeping a journal of how you’re feeling when you’re in pain, and how your life has changed, can help increase the offer and can also be very therapeutic.

Inform Your Doctor of All Problems

Immediately following the accident, seeking medical treatment is a must. However, not all accident injuries or complications will manifest in a few hours. Some can take days to realize. Other complications could also come as a result of medications or treatments you’re receiving. Therefore, it is important to inform your doctor of everything that’s going on with you. If you reported back pain but a week later your neck is hurting, report this. If you’re taking medication and it causes you to throw up, tell your doctor.

Listen to Your Doctor

Medical records are a huge factor in determining offer amounts in personal injury claims. If you want to get the most money possible, you’ll need to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. If they advise you to take physical therapy, for example, don’t argue, just go. If you have to take medications that you don’t particularly like, suck it up and take them. The point is, you don’t want your doctor to report that you’re not following their orders. This could be perceived that you’re doing better, not in as much pain as you claim, or that you’re prolonging your need for medical care which can ruin your claim.

Keep Records of Employment Excuses

Another thing you could be compensated for during a personal injury case is lost wages. You’ll need to prove that your injuries have resulted in your inability to work. This will include turning over medical records and letters from your doctor to your employer explaining your injuries and length of time you’ll be out of work.

Take Photos

Pictures tell things that people won’t or don’t remember. Immediately following the accident, get as many pictures of the scene and your injuries as possible. This can help both parties to see the extent of your injuries and determine what you should be compensated for. It can also work to counteract any false claims against you.

Your life was forever changed by this accident and you deserve justice. Filing a personal injury claim is the first step in getting restitution. Keep in mind, however, this process can be long and getting your offer can take awhile. With the help of a legal expert on your side, however, you’re sure to get the highest payout the law allows.

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