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Saving Money and the Environment – Eco Driving Tips for the Modern Age

In the future, it’s increasingly likely that cars will boast incredibly Eco-friendly attributes. This is because the leading automotive brands will take the lead in this respect, while the UK government has also pledged to outlaw the sale of petrol and diesel cars by the year 2040.

In the meantime, however, there’s an onus on individual drivers and motorists to reduce their carbon footprint while out on the road, both in terms of the vehicles that they invest in and the way in which they operate them.

We’ll explore this in further detail below, while offering some specific tips on how to become an Eco-friendly driver.

Choose the Right Type of Car

Not all cars are created equal, with each one offering a variable fuel source and capable of producing a fixed number of miles to the gallon. In this respect, you choice of car is crucial, particularly if you’re serious about having a more positive impact on the environment.

With this in mind, we’d recommend choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle in the current climate, prioritising models based on their advertised fuel economy. In excess of two million electric vehicles have already been sold across the globe, and this number will increase markedly in the near-term.

If you do choose a hybrid model, we’d also recommend that you purchase an automatic car rather than one with a manual transmission. This negates the needs for manual gear shifts, minimising fuel consumption and creating a more efficient drive in the process.

Affordable, automatic models such as the Ford Focus are available through resources such as Motor Point, and these represent an excellent choice in 2018.

Adopt an Eco-friendly Driving Technique

While investing in automatic cars helps you to create an Eco-friendly driving technique, there are other steps that you can take to achieve this aim.

Accelerating and breaking gently represents a relevant case in point, as does maintaining a steady speed wherever possible. This requires to anticipate traffic and avoid delays where you can, as well as adapting the timing your journeys to capitalise on less-busy periods.

This also means refraining from travelling at high speeds, even when you have a stretch of open road in front of you. Sure, this requires a sense of discipline, but there are tangible rewards in terms of cost and fuel savings.

Refrain from Driving Where Possible

Sometimes, the most simplistic solutions offer the best possible value when looking to tackle complex issues.

The same principle can be applied here, as Eco-friendly drivers are often motorists who spend as little time as possible out on the open road.

This requires commitment and a significant shift in mindset, as you strive to walk where possible and take public transport where circumstances allow. The latter method can be extremely beneficial when commuting to work, for example, reducing your individual carbon footprint without necessarily compromising on your productivity.

Walking during warmer weather periods and over short distances are also extremely achievable measures, while they have a cumulative impact on your costs and the impact that your decisions have on the natural environment.

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