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Build your own fashion style & personalize your clothes!

Everyone likes being on top of fashion trends. Now let’s be honest here, most of us buy from the same brands, yet none of us like to go to an event and see somebody dresses exactly like us. For that reason, we have some advice as to how to stay always trendy while implementing how personality into out styles.

1. Buying second-hand vintage clothing, and DIY our initials. Now we know that the first 2 to 3 attempts do not have to be perfect. So let your imagination run wild on cheap clothes that you would not mind messing up. On some second-hand clothing marketplace like  you can find clothes for less than £5.

2. Buy DIY magazines, and watch some videos on youtube. There are plenty of beautiful suggestions to that you can tweak into your style.

3. Start with something simple, such as cutting some old trousers, or a shirt. Add some patches, pearls, or whatever you would like to have. Possibilities are endless.

4. You can use any kind of ink you like, but you have to be mindful of the fabric, as you can have different results of the ones you were expecting. For instance, a wall spray on a brown cloth will make it go hard. Acrylic products, allow better control than ink, which could easily expand and damage your drawing. Finally, you can also use a lotus or patch. So the best thing would be for you to go to a shop so they can advise you on the best type of ink for your material.

5. If you like more paintings than drawings, another option would be buying watercolors. The downside is that you can not wash your clothes.

6. Try to find a tailor in your city with whom you could learn some DIY techniques and ideas. You could ask them to teach you the basics. Once you learn the basics, adventure on your own. The sky is the limit!

This dress is an example of an original DIY that was not hard to make. It’s an interesting option for beginners. Find yourself a basic white dress with a satin finish fabric, be unique and give it your style. You shall have great results!

All you need to make this dress is a spray from 94, choose the colors you want in your dress, and when you are done you need to hang it to dry for about 24h to make sure you don´t damage your dress.

Last but not least, complement your look with a pair of second hand Clarosa shoes. Save in a trendy, cheaper, and environmental look.

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