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ClicksDealer Marketplace Review

Banner ads are one of the most popular strategies that marketers use to advertise online. All major brands use banner ads and now there is a way to make money out of these ads even if you are not in the field of internet marketing.  There is an exciting online platform called Clicksdealer.com that allows virtually anyone to earn money through buying and selling banner ads. This ClicksDealer marketplace review will discuss the major features of this online platform, how it works, and how people can benefit from it. At the end of this article, there will also be a final recommendation, whether this banner advertising platform is worth your while.

Overview: What is the ClicksDealer Platform?

Clicksdealer.com is an online ad flipping platform, where anyone can have the opportunity to create their own income through online advertising placements. The platform offers thousands of top-performing banners and high-quality traffic from direct publishers. It allows members to transact in real-time through an intuitive interface. They ensure clients’ safety through strict compliance measures. This is a self-service platform with experienced account managers who will guide you through the digital advertising process. They also have 24/5 technical support.

How does it Work?

New members must purchase a minimum basic package of banners worth $250. When you click on “MarketPlace” in the platform, you can choose from a catalogue of available banners for purchase. These banner advertisements cover some of the world’s biggest brands such as Nike, Toyota, Adidas, Sony, McDonald’s and much more. The ads are divided into different categories which include fashion, automotive, crypto, VIP, and many more. When you click on a banner that you like, you can purchase it in order to obtain full ownership. Each banner contains the following information: the price, the number of days you will own the banner, and the brand trend, which shows how it is performing based on Google Analytics.

The ad will run on a network of publisher websites which reaches hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With each click of that ad, you will be able to generate income. In the performance dashboard, you will be able to regularly monitor how many clicks you have received from each and every banner that you have purchased and how much profit you have made from those clicks.

Banner ownership is traded between members. Sometimes, instead of the “Buy” button, it says “Bid”.  This means that a user is selling their banner and anyone can bid on it. If you own a banner and you decide to sell it, you can select the best bid and sell it for a higher price.

How can you profit from it?

When you purchase a banner, you have a chance to make money from the banner when somebody clicks on it. You also have an opportunity to earn higher per click through several tried-and-tested methods. In ClicksDealer, the higher your investment, the more percentage you will receive in your profits.

One thing about the platform is that it will definitely help you make money, but it is not a get-rich-quick type of thing. It is worth remembering this investment golden rule: it takes money to make money. This investment opportunity helps any ordinary person, even without any kind of business or marketing experience, to make money from thousands of dollars’ worth of marketing budget that major companies use to promote their products.

The Final Verdict

ClicksDealer.com is a viable investment opportunity. If you allow it to, this platform can significantly add to your family’s income. It gives you the resources to start your business, but with any other income-generating opportunity, the effort you put in will determine your level of success. With this platform, it is possible to eventually not work for money but to let money work for you.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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