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From one-man start-up to digital marketing agency – how ClickDo Ltd. grew in the UK

Everyone has to start somewhere and Fernando, the CEO of ClickDo Ltd., came to the realisation, after graduating from university, that he wanted to do his own thing. But how? He delved into books about business and technology and found an article in Forbes magazine that gave him the light-bulb moment: “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the future”!

You need to find a skill and have a passion for it

There and then he sat down and taught himself all he needed to know about SEO. He started his first blog, fernandobiz, and shared his thoughts and knowledge about how to help small business owners. He fell in love with it and soon had his first clients, paying him a monthly fee for his SEO services. ClickDo Ltd. was born and it was run by Fernando all alone in its humble beginnings. Fernando describes “So I started my first blog with a self-hosted shared hosting plan on that he bought after so much thinking.  Then later I collected money to host ClickDo and here I’m today owning multiple companies, including SeekaHost”. After his agency gained momentum he received more and more requests from local business owners in London and together with his friend Kasun, a self-taught web designer, he was able to build a business website and add services. To meet the ever-growing demand of his SEO services he hired more staff. Step by step Fernando built his own company and is a proud entrepreneur today, working on several projects and digital products simultaneously. If you want to learn more about Fernando’s personal journey to entrepreneurship read his first blog

What is ClickDo Ltd. today?

Fernando has established an SEO and digital agency that now does so much more! Look at case studies on ClickDo website to see everything Fernando and his team do for their clients. But it doesn’t stop there. Fernando’s wider vision is to share all the knowledge and skills he has acquired so that others can also lead the digital nomad lifestyle and be their own boss. Therefore, he has built the ClickDo Academy where you’ll find online courses teaching you everything Fernando knows about SEO and digital marketing. He’s also been busy developing an SEO Blueprint and Facebook Remarketing courses and to make sure you apply everything you’ve learned, Fernando helps you getting started with your own blog or website by offering free webhosting for start-ups. See Fernando’s guide on how to start your own blog here and get to work! For the next step, creating your own SEO start-up, read this detailed article You think that’s it? Oh no, Fernando has another ace up his sleeve: if you think you got what it takes to become the next no. 1 SEO consultant, you have the opportunity to become a franchisee of ClickDo Ltd. You could establish your own set of clients with Fernando’s help and run your own SEO and digital agency under the ClickDo umbrella, which would give you the benefit of using a trusted and successful brand to market your services. To learn more about the ClickDo franchise model check out

Why start a business in the digital economy?

The statistics in the UK speak for themselves: “There were a record 5.7 million private sector businesses at the start of 2017. There has been sustained growth in the total business population, with increases of 2.2m (+64%) since 2000 and 197,000 (+4%) since 2016.” 

Now, if you decide to help just a small percentage of these businesses with SEO and digital marketing you’ll certainly make a good living as, according to Fernando, most clients will pay you on average a fee between £500 to £1500 each, depending on the services you offer them. He claims that you can easily get 5 clients on board with the support of ClickDo, being a franchisee. And it’s a win-win situation as you can also support your own business by applying your skills to ranking and marketing it. Fernando claims: “The internet is the new frontier, it’s where both the big and small brands compete for the masses in the battle for profits.” Online is where it’s happening now and, in the future, and that’s why now is the time to invest in a career that enables you to be free while working remotely and helping others. The opportunities are endless as you can see by ClickDo’s example – you can move into so many niches and digital services as more and more are emerging. See how lots of other successful entrepreneurs used their digital skills to create a thriving online business: What stands out here is that most of them started with a blog and had some SEO knowledge. That’s why Fernando is reaching out to you – get started with your own business now!

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