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Global Great Hotels as an Investment

When you invest with Global Great Hotels, you are not only entitled to luxurious holidays every year, but also to a private reservation centre to take the hassle out of booking your holidays. You can also benefit from special programmes that help you make the most out of your investment. The benefits of becoming a client of this luxurious hotel chain and purchasing real estate periods are numerous, let’s explore some.


When you become a customer of Global Great Hotels you are essentially purchasing accommodation for holidays every year with a minimum duration of 7 nights, plus an extra 7 additional nights. You own this real estate period for an unlimited duration. Investing in this way does not mean that you are tied into visiting the same hotel at the same time every year, with your periods you can travel to any hotel within the brand whenever you want. You can even divide up your 14-night entitlement, or more if you own several real estate periods, between two or more hotels during the same trip. With 11 stunning hotels within the chain, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy all the beauty and character that Spain, Balearics, Canary Islands and Andorra have to offer. You’ll also be able to take advantage of significant discounted rates with other hotel brands, airlines, cruise lines and car hire companies around the world.


All the hotels within this chain are selected for their stunning locations. They offer all the services that you would expect from a luxury hotel club, including spas, golf courses, pools and numerous activities. The suites and apartments are comfortable and fully equipped, giving you a real home away from home feeling every time you stay. Apartments are available with 2-3 bedrooms so, you can holiday with friends or family whenever you use your real estate periods.

Private Travel Agency

Global GreatHotels clients can also enjoy the services of a private travel agency. Each client is assigned a member of the Customer Services team who will take care of the organisation of their holidays as well as all specific requests. This includes the reservation of their 14 nights (or more) or any other kind of holiday anywhere in the world. Services include accommodation, flights and car rental of course, but also cruises, safaris, villas, thalassotherapy centres and package holidays worldwide, all at significantly negotiated prices which appear to be extremely competitive.

Reassignment Programme

The reassignment programme  allows you to rent out your annual 14-night allowance without causing you extra work in advertising and managing the process. To take advantage of this service you need to inform the Customer Services team before 31st December, that during the next year you would like to put all or part of your allowance up for rent. The Group then acts as your representative to sell these rentals and will pass on the income minus 15%, which goes to the Tour Operators, back to you. Should you choose to do this, you do not necessarily have to forego your holidays, you are still free to use your membership benefits and enjoy the special rates offered by Global Great.

Referral Programme

Your investment in the hotel chain can also generate an income for you, through a referral programme that the company set up years ago. This programme allows you to earn 1.600 euros for every person that you invite to the club who subsequently goes on to become a fully paid-up member. This amount is net and is without conditions. Should you reach three referrals in one year you earn the right to be put into the competition to earn the ‘Sponsor of the Year’ title which comes with nothing less than a 5.000 euro bonus. Under this scheme, you are also permitted to rent out your own referral invitations, at a rent level determined by you. This means that you have the potential to earn the bonus for referral as well as income from your own holiday. There is lots of advice on the hotel’s website with regards to advertising your referral hotel rooms for rental, should this be something you are interested in.

Any other benefits?

Membership with this hotel club works for you, so much so that when you invest you are automatically assigned to a tourism professional who will work with you to plan your holidays with your best interests at heart. This professional will work very hard to get to know you and your requirements so that they can help you tailor your holidays to your exact specifications. You can speak to them at any time about different ways of using your holiday weeks, should you not be able to use them during a particular year. They will guide you through a range of options to help you build up a reserve for later years whilst not losing your membership benefits.

What about passing on the membership?

Unless you tell them otherwise the hotel brand will automatically pass down your rights to your legal heirs and estate fees will not be payable. You can also leave your rights to any other party you wish to, simply by setting out your request in a letter sent by recorded delivery to the Customer Services team. In this way, inheritance issues are dealt with sensitively and all complications are removed.

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