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Twelve tips when buying any product or service

In this post, we give the following recommendations to take into account when making a purchase, observing from the quality of the product to an eventual change in the price. Asking for the instruction manual is also essential for a successful purchase. Especially if you buy for resale, some of the guidelines below are really important to know.

1. Always demand the invoice or receipt. You may need it for a later claim.

2. If you contract the provision of a service, remember that the voucher or the invoice must indicate the components, materials that are used, the price of these and the labor, as well as the terms in which the provider is obliged to guarantee them.

3. When making a purchase, you must be aware that the advertised value corresponds to the total price of the product, including taxes or any additional charges that may apply, that is, it must include VAT.

4. If, at the time of the sale, the goods are not delivered, verify that the invoice or proof is the same and indicate the place and date of the delivery and the consequences of the breach or delay of the delivery. If the seller does not provide delivery services, it would be better for you to rent a quality delivery service. You can find some best companies such as that offers grocery delivery in your area by surfing on the Internet.

5. When you purchase products, request the delivery of the corresponding manuals and instructions for use. The neglect of this can lead to unnecessary difficulties.

6. Observe well the net content of a product and the size of its packaging. Differences may occur. If there is a striking difference, it is only natural that you ask.

7. Review the technical specifications of the products and follow each of the points outlined.

8. Identify the supplier or manufacturer of the good or service you purchase. This information is indispensable for applying claims. You do not want it but sometimes a disappointment may be present.

9. Pay special attention to promotions; remember that at the time of purchase the offers must be satisfied. On the other hand, don’t be easily tempted by various interesting offers.

10. Check the prices of the goods that are purchased before paying. Inaccuracy often causes a buyer to pay more than he should.

11. Analyze the different offers and compare prices, quantities and qualities as this can mean savings. You should have several sellers on the list before taking a decision for quite a lot of money.

12. In the event that two or more prices appear, you will only be obliged to pay the lowest price. If at the time of paying a product, the price at the register is higher than the price indicated on the package or set in the list, you will be entitled to be charged the advertised price.

By following the twelve points above then you can minimize the potential loss in every purchase.

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