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Hiring the Right Facilities for Your Event

Are you busy organising an outdoor event? Whether it’s a music festival or a corporate away day you’ll have your work cut out for you, so making sure that you hire the right facilities can be crucial to making sure the event runs smoothly. If you fail to plan you’ll be planning to fail, so it’s important you nail down the facilities you need well in advance.

What event are you organising?

The facilities you need will differ according to the event you’re organising. For example, a music festival involves hiring generators, lighting and staging. You’ll need to organise outdoor catering, first aid and provide adequate toilet hire facilities, including at least 1 disabled toilet per 2000 people if it’s a ticketed event so you comply with disability discrimination legislation.

For a corporate event, you’ll need to hire a good PR system and organise a central administration office. For a wedding, catering and entertainment facilities will be at a premium. Both events require toilet facilities that offer an extra level of comfort and luxury to prevent negative feedback and guests’ discomfort.

What’s the layout of the location?

Knowing your venue layout is critical in when deciding on the facilities you need. For example, if you’re organising a sports or music event in a field then you’ll need a good spread of standard recirculating hire toilet cubicles around the venue. If you’re likely to encounter mud and flooding, then make sure you opt for trailer toilet hire to keep mess to a minimum. For a wedding, opt for a luxury trailer that can be installed directly into the marquee for maximum comfort. Location access will also be a factor when deciding what extra equipment to hire, such as linen and tablecloths.

What’s your demographic?

Knowing the demographic of your attendees can influence hiring decisions. For example, if you know there’ll be more men at the event then opt for urinal hire to keep queues to a minimum. If you’re expecting more women and children at a family fun day, ensure you have adequate toilet hire facilities to accommodate them.

What time of day?

If your event takes place during daylight hours then you may not need to hire generators and additional lighting. If it’s an evening or overnight event, then ensure there’s adequate pathway lighting for guests’ security and clearly signal the direction to campsites and toilet facilities. When hiring toilet trailers, make sure that the cubicles are well lit and bear in mind that this may require you to hire additional power and water sources.

What about hygiene?

If visitors have access to food and beverages then you’ll need additional toilet facilities. It’s also a good idea to provide hand washing stations both for food preparation areas and for guests for optimal hygiene. Make sure you position adequate toilet hire facilities where food and drink are being sold, and hire extra urinals if alcohol is for sale so you can accommodate everyone’s needs.

If you’re running an outdoor pet show or any event that involves livestock handling, you’ll also need to provide hygiene stations. Make sure that there are adequate supplies of hand sanitising gel as well as hand wash stations close to any animal exhibits.

Is your event aimed at diversity and inclusivity?

For any event to be successful, you’ll need to make sure that the facilities you hire create a fully inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. That might include providing a temporary hearing loop or setting up big screens for the visually impaired. You may need to think about closed captioning and translation for any guest speakers.

You may also want your toilet hire to include a gender neutral toilet trailer or several disabled toilet facilities. Whatever the event you’re organising, carefully considering the logistics and planning meticulously will help you make stress free decisions when it comes to hiring the right facilities.

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