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What are the most important financial questions for a start-up?

You have just thought of a business that you think will take the world by storm. You know your audience, have thought of your marketing campaign and feel like you are ready to invest in it. However, do you actually have enough information to go on before your business opens? There needs to be a lot of financial thought put into your business to make sure it is a success. Make sure you have answers to the questions on the list before you open your doors.

Before you jump in

One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself before you jump into a business, is do you actually understand what financial plan would benefit your company. There is no shame in saying that you do need some assistance when it comes to the investment and taxes, as it takes a number of skilled individuals to make a business grow, such as financial advisors in the Accounts Lab. If you need assistance in any area, not only the financial areas of the business, then you can hire specialists to assist you. Do not be ashamed and do what you think will be best for the company.

How does the future look?

When you look to investors to support your company, they will want to know more about the future, as well as the company’s present prospects. This may include what the company’s future equity may look like, as well as the financial prospects of the company in three years’ time. It is important to keep as open and honest with your investors and yourself, as you do not want to appear delusional to your clients and your financial supporters. While it can seem advantageous to stay quiet, if you do have any debt, then it is best to come clean as quickly as possible. If the company’s debt can be paid off with future gains, then be sure to let your investors know this, as you do not want to lie to them or not mention it at all, as this will damage the trustworthiness of your band.

The Beginning Round

Once you have started selling your products then you will want to start planning your financial rounds. A round is when the company makes it first significant venture of capital financing, thus your investors will want to know how much was raised and what the proceeds will go towards. Before you make your statement on this, be sure to consider how the proceedings will benefit the business. You may want to invest them into the marketing of the product, or use them to improve in the technology of the business.

Technology VS. Finance

It is essential that you monitor your finances from day one so that if you encounter any money troubles, you know exactly where the money is going. Whether it be an excel spreadsheet or a database to log your money, be sure to check it weekly with your staff to discuss financial approaches in the future.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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