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Effective Fleet Management for Companies

In modern economy, the management and coordination of the company fleet plays an increasingly important role – for tax reasons, but primarily to decrease the costs of operation.  Conditions for an effective fleet management lies in an ideal vehicle deployment to avoid downtimes and empty running. Another relevant factor in this context is the lack of appropriate spare parts – they help to keep the fleet in an optimal state so that all vehicles can be used on demand.

There is no clear definition of fleet management.  Generally, the task of a fleet manager comprises the management, planning, operating and monitoring of fleets of different types of vehicles belonging to a company.  The main task – and most of the potential inherent in fleet management – concentrates on the coordination and specification of routes.  Thus, problems may be uncovered early or circumvented entirely.

Digital Fleet Management for More Convincing Results

More and more, the fleet manager of a company profits from modern technologic advancements – in particular fleet tracking systems based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). Consequently, technology matter in the day-to-day activities of a fleet manager and it enables companies to apply a new and more efficient way of managing their fleets.

The system itself aims at achieving additional economic benefit by working more efficiently. Each vehicle is endowed with a GPS-transmitter which transfers vehicle data to a web server of the company.  By installing further sensors, other valuable information about the current state of the vehicle and the driving manner can be collected.  With a special software, these data are subsequently analysed and evaluated. This software also offers real-time monitoring which makes it easier for the fleet manager to react to unexpected situations.  Moreover, he may keep track of all activities.

To perform fleet management remotely via one single platform facilitates its operation. Today, most of the tasks associated with the management of company cars are digitised. Especially telematics, i.e. the combination of the two science disciplines telecommunications and informatics, proved to be a reliable assistant to make fleet management much easier and more reliant.

A GPS-fleet tracking system is used to

  • provide all necessary information to the fleet vehicles
  • ensure the communication between the drivers and the company
  • offer a basic, functional design
  • provide the opportunity to integrate further functions
  • ensure that the vehicle follows the best route

Digital fleet management links GPS data with web-based applications on company servers.  This reveals important information needed to organise the very best driving tour – aiming at saving time and money for the company.

Fleet Tracking Features of FleetGO

There are many providers for GPS-assisted fleet management systems on the market. FleetGO has developed a highly innovative and reliable fleet tracking system which offers additional features such as

  1. Real-time tracking of all vehicles

To optimally schedule the routes of all vehicles, the fleet manager can see in real-time where the company cars are currently located.  With these data, he can optimally plan the routes of the respective cars, if need be rescheduling the driving activities.

  1. Creation of a trip log

The tracking system registers all vehicle activity, all trips, routes and locations are logged compliant with the statutory regulations. All movements are entered into a list which are easy to read and easy to interpret.

  1. Track all activities

Use the tool to track driving times, the number of trips or idle time. All activities are recorded. For analysis, simply print out the spreadsheets and reports which include the respective details concerning time, driver and vehicle.

At any time, the cloud-based platform provides the fleet manager with dashboards and reports to remain be up to date.  Moreover, the respective fleet manager gets the chance to adapt the type of the collected data to the company needs.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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