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Hair transplant in Turkey and stem cell treatment

When we talk about aesthetics, baldness is one of the great insecurities that affect the male population. Many men suffer when they discover that they’re losing hair volume although they try to stop it without any positive results. Alopecia is inevitable and, in many cases, causes a drama. Luckily, clinical advances allow men to recover the lost hair following specialised treatments, like the ones offer in Capilclinic, in Turkey.

Turkey has become a benchmark in health tourism in Europe, not only because of the high quality of their medical services, but also because of their reduced price. They’re pioneers in hair transplants applying the latest technologies and the most modern hair transplant methods.

Stem cell treatment

In Turkey they’re using the most advanced technology applied to medicine and, in cases of hair transplant, one of the most prominent methods is the stem cell treatment. It consists in extracting the regenerative cells located in the abdominal fat and, after cleaning and concentrating them, they are activated using natural proteins. After that, the patient receives an injection in the capillary tissues with these cells that have been activated.

This medical treatment is totally innovative and was born thanks to the latest advances in regenerative medicine and the use of microinjections of cells obtained from the patient’s abdominal fat. In this way, we managed to increase the proportion of regenerative cells in the skin.

This treatment is especially recommended to treat those patients who suffer from diffuse alopecia.

The diffuse alopecia is a type of alopecia in which there is a gradual loss of hair. Sometimes, this loss is the consequence of some diseases that cause hair loss. In these cases, patients who want to undergo this treatment do not have to shave their hair, something that for many of them is very important at an aesthetic level for their desire to maintain their hair while the entire process lasts.

This therapy regenerates at the same time that it improves not only the quality, but also the density of the skin of the scalp significantly. We will be able to stimulate capillary growth and standardise the cycle of hair follicles and we’ll finally get a greater volume of new hair growth. One important aspect of this treatment is that the results are permanent.

FUE Sapphire technique

This is a hair graft technique and, as we all know, sapphire is one of the four most important gemstones in the world, so we can say all the treatments in which this mineral is used for surgical instruments are a luxury.

The most outstanding aspect of this sapphire treatment is that we obtain an extremely natural result. This is possible thanks to the blades that allow the doctor to make really precise incisions in the skin and obtain a perfect angle to place the hair follicles.

It should be noted that in addition to gaining naturalness, with this transplant the process is completely painless. This technique not only reduces pain considerably but also makes it possible to implant grafts in really small areas without causing damage to existing follicles.

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