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The added value of home extensions and conversions revealed

If you’re thinking of taking on a home improvement, then you’re not alone.The home improvement trend in the UK is growing as more people are choosing to improve their house rather up sticks and move. However, home improvements can have a bigger effect on your home than just its appearance. 

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or not, improvements such as extensions and conversions are adding value to homes across the UK. So, exactly how much value are home improvements adding to properties?

Kitchen and bathroom extensions

When it comes to adding value to your house, an obvious choice is to add a kitchen and bathroom extension to your home. A new kitchen and bathroom will make your property appealing to buyers and can be a great way to make your house more practical. 

Adding square footage to your home is a pretty much guaranteed way to boost value to your house. If you’re looking to extend, this can cost on average of £20000, and add an estimated £33,000 to the average UK home. 

Convert wasted space

Storage is a key factor for buyers when it comes to purchasing a new house. So, if you want to add value to your home then it might be time to clear out any wasted space and convert it into storage. 

If you have a cupboard under the stairs, then this could be converted into a cloakroom. Not only will it give an unused space function, but you don’t need to sacrifice space in your home. If your garage is too small for modern day cars then why not consider converting it into a home office? 


Adding a glass conservatory to your home can prove popular with buyers. These days, conservatories have become a part of the main home, rather than just been used to enjoy the outdoor from the warmth and comfort of your home.

Conservatories can give your home more space, for example becoming playrooms for children. However, it’s important to remember that gardens also add value to the home. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether a conservatory will minimise outdoor space – if so this could potentially decrease the value of your property!

Loft and attic conversions

It might come as a surprise, however, to discover that loft conversions rank higher than kitchen and bathrooms when it comes to adding value to the home. According to reports, estate agents see loft conversions as second on the list of renovations that add value, adding an average £24,254.56 to a home’s price tag

Adding a loft conversion can provide your house with more space for an office, bedroom or even a bathroom. One thing to consider is access, however. Installing a staircase means you’ll lose floor space below, and in some cases, there might not be enough space.

There are ways and means around this though. Why not consider a loft ladder installation from Instaloft for example? This creates easy access to your loft room without compromising on space.

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