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Why influencer marketing doesn’t just mean sponsored content

When you think about your digital marketing strategy, you may be advertising your products by using influencer marketing, aka. working alongside an online personality/celebrity. Yes, these sorts of influencers do have a large following that they can expose to your sponsored content. But their influence stretches far further than that. Here are some things that you should be thinking about when you work alongside an influencer for your advertising.

What is influencer marketing?

Well, influencer marketing is normally advertising through a famous personality, aka. either a celebrity or someone who has a large social following on the web. By recruiting a celebrity personality, you can reach a bigger audience and actually increase your sales, especially if you have chosen to work with someone within your own “niche”. For instance, if you are a fabric company and you have gone to a marketing agency, such as influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful, then they might recommend that you work alongside an online celebrity dressmaker on Instagram to make sure that they can show off your products. Your influencers can work on any number of social platforms. As long as they have a large audience then this can help boost your sales.

Increasing your authority

One of the best things about influencer marker is the fact that the influencers can actually increase your authority and SERP online. The more that your influencers talk about you, and potentially link back to your website, the more likely that you are going to get a boost in traffic. They have come to your page because they see you as a good brand and want to buy your products for yourself so that they can try them out. If you are looking for this SEO boost then influencer marketing is the perfect way to get started.


If you want to get away from the idea of sponsored content , but still want to be able to show off your products to a wider audience, the best way to do it is through gifting. By arranging a deal with the social media star, you can send them free products that they can review on their own website or social media pages. If you get a good review of them, you are more likely that you will get more traffic. People tend to remember branded content twice as long as a traditional advertisement. That’s why it is so good to work with a social media star. Not only can they show off your brand but they can put their own personal stamp of approval on it.

Advice and experience

Social media celebrities are the sort of people who have managed to build up their own reputation from nothing. That’s why it’s worth listening to them in relation to their experience on the market.  They know exactly what works and what is practically used by social marketing strategists all over the globe. If you want your product to sell well, make sure to listen to their advice and recommendations. They will only improve your company’s product visibility.

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