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Hologram billionaire backs revolutionary new online privacy legislation

Billionaire ‘King of Holograms’ Alki David, heir to the Coca-Cola bottling empire, is behind new legislation circulating the US House and Senate Judiciary Committees to help secure online privacy.

The proposed legislation, Restore Privacy Act of 2019, is intended to protect both plaintiffs and defendants in civil employment cases from being “tried and convicted” in social media.

The common sense protections would bring civil employment cases in line with medical, insurance, and family law.

“This such an important issue for people in the modern age,” said Alki David.

“I am starting this process in America and then I’ll be going to London to do the same thing.”

“I am really passionate about people being properly respected and that the law catches up with the pace of the digital age.”

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Public concern over privacy is on the rise and many charities hope to see the legislation cross political hurdles in a speedy fashion.

With the huge surge in social media traffic people often reveal false information associated with civil employment legal proceedings.

A public verdict can be declared before a court has determined guilt or innocence.

The law would prohibit officers of the court from making any public statements about the legal matter or the accused.

The new bill would also mandate that the deliberations during a civil employment legal proceeding remain sealed throughout the court process.

The details would only be opened at the end of the court proceeding, and if the accused is found guilty or at the discretion of the judge in extraordinary circumstances.

This would include “planting” stories, cable news interviews, leaks and all social media.

The proposed legislation is being supported by Alki David and being managed through the congressional process by Government Relations.

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“I’ve been fighting bogus lawsuits from greedy lawyers who would exploit the MeToo movement for their own gain for years,” said Alki David.

“I’m not doing this for myself, I’m seeing common sense reform to keep unethical lawyers in check and to protect the average business owner or worker who can’t pay lawyers to fight for their good name.”

“Jurisprudence is the backbone of a lawful society; it allows the accused his or her day in court.”

“With huge contingency percentages at stake, and a need to constantly recruit new clients, these unethical lawyers can’t resist.”

“I know, because I’m living in this situation every day.”

“There are men and women destroyed every day by claims like these.”

“Small business owners just doing the best they can, people in every kind of work place from schools to non-profits to government jobs, who get trashed when a disgruntled employee gets taken in by a ruthless lawyer.”

“I will fight to my very last day alive to give people justice and fair judgement.”

The billionaire, a British passport holder, has started a new business venture with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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The SwissX health brand is set to launch the secret project in coming months.

“I love Mike so much,” said Alki David.

“We have the same spirit and huge adventures lie ahead.”

“We are also going to do a hologram project together that will blow people’s minds, it will change the world.”

“He is like a brother to me and this show is going to break records. Watch this space!”

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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