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Tips to Search an Apartment in Edinburgh without Stress

Hunting a rental flat in Edinburgh can increase your stress. Unfortunately, hilly capital lacks quality properties to meet the demand of tenants. High rents and fierce competition can make you frenzy during this research. Here are some tips for finding an affordable flat in edinburgh.

Accurate and Clear Adverts

If you want to save time while searching for an apartment, make sure to view relevant properties. It will help tenants to use their time effectively. Take wide-angled photos of rooms in a flat to remove your suspicious. Make sure to ask for a floor plan to check the size and layout of the property before visiting. Read descriptions to get helpful information on local areas.

Use Latest Technology

Try to use the latest technology to search for a suitable flat. It becomes possible for tenants to view a property before visiting it. Moreover, it can speed up the process. Make sure to use a reliable portal, such as Citylets to search properties in Edinburgh. It is essential to visit a property before booking it physically.


You must not run after first come, first get deals. These types of deals can be expensive for tenants. Write a covering letter for landlords to give your information. Make sure to find an area within your budget. It will help you to negotiate tenancy offers. Letting negotiators can help you to negotiate for the best facilities and affordable rent. Negotiate different offers with the landlords before signing a lease.

Clear Communication

Scotland has longer legislations for the leasing industry. Unfortunately, tenants don’t pay attention to them. They may not have time to study the legal aspects of the rental procedure. If you want to move a house, understand this legislation.

It will make a renting process straightforward and clear. Tenants must understand the process and expectations from letting agency and the landlord. In this way, you can eliminate confusion or misunderstandings.

Choose a Less Expensive Area

Moving may become expensive; therefore, you have to plan everything in advance. Start saving money by cutting down your expenses. With a limited budget, you should not get a house in an expensive area. Along with rent, you have to manage different other expenses. Parking fees, fancy shopping, and costly dining can increase your monthly cost.

Consider the location of your office to save the traveling cost. A flat should be closed enough to your workplace so that you can move without a car. For instance, find a house near a bus stop. With a short commute, you can decrease your traveling budget.

Rent Out Additional Parking or Storage

If you don’t want to leave busy downtown, feel free to rent out extra space available to you. It is possible to earn money via a private storage space. Rent out a spare room, garage, shed, or attic for storage. Moreover, you can earn $50 or more per day by renting out parking. In this way, you will get money for rental payment. It is essential to get permission from the landlord before doing anything to earn money.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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