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Side gigs that can boost your income

What if we would tell you that you have hobbies other people would pay for?

If you are looking for ways to boost your income, then transforming your passions in side gigs is the simplest way to do it. It doesn’t matter if you want to earn a specific sum or you want to boost your income, the following hustles will help you.

From pet sitting to freelancing, everything can help you earn more.

Here are some ways to boost your monthly income.

Cooking or baking

Do your friends love your lasagne or brownies? Do you make the most delicious apple pie? You can turn your passion into a side gig that earns you a great income. You don’t have to be the next Gordon Ramsay to gain customers, you need to identify your audience and to cook dishes they like.

Selling baked products can boost your income, but you have to be ready for the challenges it brings. You need to check the local regulations to find out what health codes you need to meet when selling foods. Your side gig should be legal to sell the products online, in local grocery stores or restaurants.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is a fun opportunity to earn cash, and it’s not only for young people. In fact, experienced pet owners can charge more for watching dogs and cats. You should set a price per hour, and according to the number and age of the pet, your rates can vary.

Pet owners need someone to sit with their fur-friends while they are out of town, or at work.


Freelancing is the easiest way to earn money because you start getting income immediately. Over 90% of professions can become freelancing gigs, but you need to identify the public interested to work with you.

However, be ready to have some fails at the start because freelancing is similar to dating. You have one or two failed dates until you find a good match. Do not spend your time building business cards and website, list your services with an online platform, and apply for the jobs that meet your skills.

Trading Forex

Placing a trade is simple, you have to decide if you want to buy or sell currencies. If you have experience in trading, you can expand your portfolio to currencies. Even if you are a beginner, you can still earn extra income if you research and come up with a strategy. You need to collaborate with a broker to facilitate your trading operations, and if you don’t know how to choose it, you should click here for more information.

Online tutoring

If you have extended knowledge in a domain, you can help students with subjects like math, foreign languages, history, chemistry or writing. You can get in touch with students from your local school, or you can list your services on an online platform. Promote yourself through a reliable platform because it will help you get more clients.

Any passion can become a side gig if you need to earn more cash. The above examples are the most common ones, but you can choose any other one.


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