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    Millions self-isolating – What it means for Britain’s Broadband Network

    With the pandemic that has hit the world, specific measures had to be taken to try and curb. Individuals have been advised to observe a high standard of hygiene. People should also practice social distancing so that the infected ones don’t infect healthy people.

    With social distancing, most companies decided that their workers are better off working from home. As much as that seems like a practical solution to most companies, there may be a challenge looming when it comes to the broadband used.

    The infrastructure used by millions of individuals in Britain may not be able to handle the overload.

    Some of the effects that may be experienced due to many rural broadband users include;

    Slow internet speed

    Usually, most networks in the office have a monitoring system for the network that they are using to avoid jamming it. This is useful in ensuring that there is an excellent regular flow for everyone to be able to do their work.

    However, that is usually not the case when people are using the internet at home. They may take hours to be able to download a file or a video. So just like a highway with a lot of cars, it will take much longer for one to do their job on that broadband. It is also important to remember that other family members will be home as well; hence they may be downloading games, researching school projects, or even watching a movie, which will make the internet speed even slower.

    Getting multiple computer viruses

    Due to the significant number of people trying to access different or the same sites, an individual’s computer may get a virus. Depending on the devices that are used, it may be easy to pick up files that have been infected and spread the virus.

    Getting hacked

    Hackers are always looking for convenient times that they can access vital information that they can use against an individual or a corporation. Working from home may give them the necessary loopholes to do so without a lot of struggle. Individuals at home may not have the essential firewall that will deal with unknown malware lurking around to get information.

    Poor video quality

    It may be necessary for regular video conference calls when at home. This can be compromised by the large number of users who are using the same internet broadband at the same time. If a video call is required to pass information, then the sound and picture quality could be significantly affected. People may have to deal with unfinished sentences due to regular network hanging.

    Frequent internet blackouts

    In the event that the broadband networks haven’t been upgraded, then people can experience regular interruptions, which will disrupt the activities they are doing on the internet. If there are people who are trading on the internet, then they may experience lump sum losses. The research found out that there are about 3million people in Britain who have full access to the upgraded version of broadband.

    Some of the ways that one can deal with such issues include;

    Change the position of the router

    The place where your router is placed is essential. If there is anything that is creating a barring between you and the internet, then it should be removed. If you have a media console, then putting it in a central place or better yet hanging it on the wall may increase the bandwidth that you get.

    Manage the connections in the home

    You should be wary of how many devices are using the internet when you want better speed.  You can request your family members to give you time to allow you to do your work first before they start streaming different videos. This can be done for all the family members to be able to keep up with their school work and other research. If the broadband you are using is connected to pieces of equipment like TV, then you can switch off their connections when working to reduce the overload.

    Upgrade the internet plan

    If you have had the same policy or the type of types of equipment, then you should have an upgrade. You can do that by communicating with your internet provider. They will come and change the pieces of equipment for you to suit your current needs or change the plan to give you more bandwidth.

    You can also consider some of the options like;

    If your job description allows, then you can change your working hours. Working at a particular time of the day may help one to get a better internet connection. This may require you to work in the middle of the night when most people are not using broadband.

    Have a wired connection instead of going wireless

    Most people prefer having wireless connections to make movements easy within the home. However, the luxury of moving around can make you have slow internet. It is advisable to have an Ethernet cable to use.  It will give you a better connection. The cable can be as long as you want it to be, and they are quite cheap as well. Even though you may get a long one try to use it in one room otherwise you may cause a family member to trip on it and fall.  

    Plug the router in the main socket

    If you are experiencing issues with your broadband, it is essential to check where you have plugged in the main power outlet. It is advisable to use the main outlet so that you will avoid any faulty extensions around.

    Extension cables will give you the option to have more devices at the same time but may have an effect on the speed of the internet.  


    During a pandemic, it is crucial to communicate with your broadband provider. They will be in a better position to guide you on the best ways to get a stable internet at all times. Once you have sought for help, please follow the guidelines that they give you.

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