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Going back to university? 3 advantages of being a mature student

As cliched as it may sound, you are never too old to pursue new goals or take a new path in life. That’s why so many people decide to go back to university. Some perhaps never did so great with it the first time round whilst others decided that university wasn’t the right choice for them. Whatever the reason, going to university when you are older can bring many challenges, but can also bring advantages that you wouldn’t have had if you attended straight out of school.

Here are 3 advantages of being a mature student.

You will be more focused

We are not suggesting that younger students aren’t focused, but when you are older you look at things differently. Your sole aim will be achieving the best results and studying as hard as you can. You are unlikely to be distracted by the lure of a house party or night out, and you won’t likely be living in student accommodation, which will allow you to keep a clear mind and remain focused. 

You may also have the added advantage of being able to fund your studies without the burden of student loans, which can be a huge stressor for many. 

You can remain at home

Many younger students will usually pack up and leave the comfort of their parents which, whilst exciting, can be daunting. It’s a huge life change on all counts, and so the transition for some can be very difficult. If you have a family and an already established home, your choice of university will likely be one where you can remain in your home, and nothing else will drastically change.

If you have a local university in mind or have a couple to choose from and are conflicted as to which might be best, have a look at the university league tables. They will give you an overview of information such as entry standards, graduate prospects, and student satisfaction, which could make your decision easier.

Your life skills will be advantageous

As a student, you need to prioritise workloads efficiently and organise your study time. You will, at times, feel under pressure in terms of deadlines and workloads. The advantage that you have is you will probably know how to handle this more effectively as it’s something we all encounter in day to day life. 

Many of us need to juggle work as well as bringing up our children. Working to tight time parameters whilst ensuring that we have adequate childcare, and the kids are submitting their homework on time.

You will have to work alongside other students from time to time. The experience you have gained at work will help you to do that confidently, and your maturity could make it far easier for you to integrate.


You may feel a bit daunted at the idea of becoming a student again, and you might feel a bit old compared to your fellow students but, if you embrace the experience and enjoy the journey, it’s a decision you are unlikely to regret.

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