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    Send Money to Ghana Through the Worth Channel

    Almost 1.5 million Ghanaians that reside abroad feel it is very difficult to send money to Ghana to drench the thirst for necessities of their family. The transfer methods are difficult and time-consuming while the share cut down as a transfer fee is another critical issue. For them watching a considerable portion of their hard-earned money going into the pockets of money transfer platforms is a painful experience.

    So, we came up with a solution to these problems, and it is named online money transfer!

    Remittances Inflows to GDP:

    Ghana is the 1st state of Africa that achieved Millennium Development Goal 1, and according to a report, remittance flows are an essential reason for this positive change. The ex-pats added 5.9942% value to the gross domestic product through their remittance inflows. This value is expected to increase in the coming years. Still, the issue is Ghanaians are mostly unaware of some exceptionally well money transfer agencies that can do a lot of profitable savings. 

    Break The Stereotypes and Explore More:

    Mostly when they intend to send money to Ghana, they go to the banks and sit all day long, wasting the time they could either have utilized somewhere or got rest in it. They even have to go through lengthy procedures and unnecessary fillings of forms and attachments of documents. That all adds misery to their already complicated life. Here the actual problem is their misconceptions about online money transfer services, which they think will be challenging to use, time taking and profoundly changing.

    Our suggestion for them is to break the stereotypes and explore more as an online money transfer system is a whole new world!

    Online Money Transfer Service; Relief from Modern Problems

    Online money transfer service was introduced to the people as a remedy for their problems which became standard after the concept of remittance flourished. Earlier it was used to address the issues like long transfer time, high transfer fee, and extended tours to banks but over time, it’s circle enlarged to add other problems too. Currently, the online system of money transfer mainly includes:

    • Faster remittance
    • Lower transfer fee
    • Liberty to choose transfer method and locations of withdrawal
    • Multiple currency exchange

    The services of an online transfer system are still growing, and that’s why we can say that this system is slowly taking over traditional methods, and so is here to stay.

    Best Among the Rest:

    Which online transfer service can be the best option for overseas Ghanaians to transfer money to Ghana? The answer to this question lies in the following queries:

    • Do they want to enjoy the transfer procedure from the comfort of their home?
    • Do they feel getting an exchange for money is fatigue for them?
    • Are they willing to cherish the most reasonable transfer rates?

    If all these questions, bring the answer “YES” then they should try ACE Money Transfer service. 

    ACE has been there for the ex-pats for the last 18 years to make their experience worth remembering. The impressive features multiply the comfort and thus happiness of its customers. It provides challenging and unbeatable transfer rates. So who can be more worthy than ACE?

    How to Use ACE:

    For using ACE for your next transaction, you will need a smartphone or desktop and an internet connection. 

    You will first have to register yourself by installing the mobile application of ACE, or you can proceed further through the official website. An extensive number of installations of this app is recorded this year. After registration, you will

    • Add your details
    • Your recipient’s details
    • Select the transfer method
    • Enter the amount
    • And pay easily

    In a matter of 10 minutes, your money will be transferred to your family waiting in Ghana. For your satisfaction, a notification will send to both of you.

    Wrap Up:

    The increase in remittance can win the fight against poverty and the scarcity of necessities of life. Today’s world is applying this method, and Ghanaians need to use it as GDP can be significantly supported by people who send money to Ghana their homeland. The money which is required for the household requirements can turn the tables and add significant value to the country’s development when seen in the big picture.

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