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    Dubai – A place with one of the strongest equestrian traditions

    Horses represent nobility, inner peace, and strength. For thousands of years, they have been at the side of human beings, acting as loyal and faithful protectors and servants, ushering millions of individuals through and into new sights and territories. Their grace is subtle but yet overpowering, and with it, they’ve helped inspire various cultures and traditions, particularly in the United Arab Emirates and Arabian gulf.

    Despite all the technological innovation we’ve seen in transport, humanity will always have a fondness for horses and what they represent. Today, more and more individuals are feeling the longing to immerse themselves in the equestrian traditions of thousands of years past. There are so many horse breeds, and activities in this arena, that it can be a little challenging when it comes to knowing where to begin. An online marketplace such as can be a great place to start for horse enthusiasts – here you can find different horse breeds and equipment, as well as horse riding lessons and activities.

    Desert horse riding in Dubai

    If you’re looking for horse riding, then we recommend desert horse riding in Dubai, known for its love for horses and its novel approach to equestrian activities. With countless horseback riding tours, desert horse riding experiences, and places for horse riding lessons – this is the perfect place for you if you’re looking to immerse yourself in a new adventure.

    Not only that, but Dubai is also the perfect way to bask in several different types of other adventures. These include quad biking, traditional boat racing, sandboarding, and so much more.

    In the United Arab Emirates, don’t only expect there to be intensive horse activities that you can partake in. You can also simply watch horse racing events if you want to take more of a backseat. Horse racing events tend to attract families, giving them the chance to enjoy something that unites them together. Meanwhile, these events often have complementary activities for children to participate in before and after horse racing events.

    A unique activity with countless benefits

    If desert horse riding already sounds tempting, you can book an evening safari and have an off-road experience on the highest dunes in the UAE that’s out-of-this-world. Doing so, you’ll be able to bask in the wonder of the Arabian desert, get to know different horse breeds and gain greater clarity on what kind will best suit you, should you choose to buy a horse in the future.

    Desert horse riding not only has health benefits, but it can also help you gain cultural insight into the UAE. Sports in the UAE are usually linked to desert sands, with many camels and horses flocking these areas – interestingly, camel racing is also a popular tradition in the UAE. Although Formula 1 and tennis have grown in popularity over the years, traditional horse riding is still loved by many citizens of the UAE – and for good reason.

    Loving and loyal, the Arabian horse is the oldest horse breed registry in the world. Arabian horses can sustain the rough climate conditions of the Gulf region, making them perfectly suitable for a range of activities in Dubai.

    An environment designed for sport lovers

    UAE is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, designed so that the residents can enjoy and play their favourite sports with ease. Traditional sports have been promoted to keep the heritage of horses alive. All with that, the UAE government has helped nurture a thriving expat and tourist community, with around 80% of residents in the UAE being expats.


    Whether you’re a seasoned horse rider or you’re simply interested in the equestrian tradition, Dubai has lots on offer in terms of activities, tours and beautiful rolling dunes scenery. Choose a tour that suits your needs if you’re visiting for the first time, or customise your own trip if you’re decided on trying new adventures. Either way, equestrian activities are guaranteed to make for a unique experience.

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