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    Earn Money with Cryptocurrencies: Your Options

    Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, but there are already thousands of iterations, and their market value is in the hundreds of billions. They are already big business, and it is in all of our best interest to get on board with cryptocurrencies in one way or another. They are both an investment and a currency all in their own, so consider earning cryptocurrency with any of these options:

    Buy Cryptocurrency

    Buying cryptocurrency just as an investment is a perfectly reasonable strategy. Even if the price drops, you are banking on its lifetime value over the years, not a few days or even months. Bitcoin used to be worth $5USD per coin, now it is worth around £8000, though its exact value fluctuates by hour. As cryptocurrencies become more widespread and popular amongst traders, that value is only set to increase as an average. If you don’t like the risk associated with trading, buying, and waiting for a great way to earn money through value increase.

    Trade Cryptocurrency

    Rather than buying cryptocurrency and sitting on it, which can be a brilliant strategy, you will be trading it. This means in simplest terms that you buy low and sell high, or that you trade different cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the price differences to make a profit. You can make this process a lot easier as well by using trading software to set up automated trades and to better monitor the market on the go.

    Request Payment Via Cryptocurrency

    If you have the option, you can actually just ask to be paid with cryptocurrencies or offer your customers the option to pay you in cryptocurrencies. This is a great way to earn them without any risk to your capital, and you won’t need to pay tax on that income until you cash out your Bitcoin into bank-regulated money.

    Take Advantage of Airdrops and Forks

    If you trade with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can actually earn free coins all the time. New technological breakthroughs often mean new currencies, and coins are given away, as a result, to bump up their market. These free coins often have two names, Airdrops, which are tokens given away freely to market new coins or projects. The second is a Fork, which is a change in the tech that physically splits a coin in two, creating new cryptocurrencies that your money will automatically be converted to.

    Mine Cryptocurrency

    The last option is certainly not an option for most people on an everyday basis, though it did use to be. Mining for Bitcoin used to require nothing more than a computer, but today you will need very specialised tools.

    Mining is a part of the Proof of Work consensus, and it is one of the first and oldest ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies. They are the ones that make new coins through block rewards, though the amount of coins that can be created is limited. Though it is unlikely you will get involved in mining, it is a good idea to understand its basic mechanics when looking to trade, earn, or work with cryptocurrencies.

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