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The Importance of Cyber Security for Online Gaming

The internet has changed how people do things. Everything from your buying habits to working and playing has turned upside down in the last 2 decades. Although the threats have always been there, change brings the need to predict new issues and adapt to ever-growing dangers of online security.

Online games and casino websites have always been prone to shady dealings, which accelerated the technology-driven development in online gaming and gambling companies. It also helped them realise how important it is to build reliable infrastructures.

For example, as the casino industry matured, review platforms like Playcasino started ranking websites using strict criteria, including payment and player security. This shift emphasised the importance of cyber security in the gaming industry. In this article, Jordan Carry, an online casino expert, explains the notion of cybersecurity and how gamers can protect themselves online. Moreover, can be a great consideration to visit if you are looking for the best Cyber Security Services in the UK.

What’s Cyber Security?

Online gambling platforms bring together personal information, consumer habits and transaction details. This fusion of essential user data creates an ample environment for various cybercriminals to develop.

While it’s convenient to be able to pay and play immediately, you should beware of a few things. You’ll find the threats described below, but first, let’s define cyber security and information security.

While both terms have a lot in common, the most primary distinction is that information security is all about the data. In contrast, cybersecurity refers to the network. Of course, malware can result in loss of personal data, but it also damages the underlying infrastructure.

What Threats Should You Anticipate?

Online gambling and cyber security experts ensure that the threats aren’t far-fetched. If you’re an enthusiastic player, you might’ve already faced one or more of them.

Threats That Come With Pirated Software

While pirating is illegal, it’s also dangerous for your network, computer and personal information. Games downloaded from torrents might come infected. The malware can also penetrate the system from the distributor’s link during download.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Use legitimate gaming platforms to download the games
  • Steer clear from shady torrent accounts and URLs

3rd Party Plugins, Cheats, Apps and Games

This point refers to mobile gaming, but PC users can also fall into this trap. The centralised platforms like Steam, Google Play or App Store streamline your gaming experience by having standard security procedures.

Games available as a separate download from an untrustworthy source can harm your ecosystem. Same goes for power-ups and plugins.

How to Stay Safe?

For this one, follow the same advice from the previous point.

Profile Hacking

Connected accounts, weak or repeating passwords, oversharing your real identity within a game community can ultimately make your profile more vulnerable. The internet is a wild place, and staying anonymous is the best decision you can make.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Create a separate password for each gaming account and keep them safe
  • Use multi-factor authentication (MFA), wherever possible
  • If you don’t know your gaming buddies in real life, stay private

In-Game Hacking

Most of today’s online games contain in-game valuables, collectables and characters. While some people develop and sell game characters and accounts, losing your meticulously-crafted in-game personality and achievements to hackers would be profoundly sad.

Data theft is more common for ‘rich’ player accounts. Cybercriminals can even be so bold as to demand ransom for the stolen in-game possessions.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Use MFA
  • Don’t play from public computers or always log out properly
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone, even a close friend
  • Stay anonymous


Phishing is a type of cybercrime where the offender poses as a legitimate institution to lure in a target into a scam. The victims might unknowingly give out their identity, banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Phishing attempts in the online gaming scene might arrive in a few different channels:

  • Email
  • YouTube comment
  • In-game message

How to Stay Safe?

  • Keep your software updated
  • Use MFA
  • Backup your data
  • Don’t click URLs you don’t recognise

Keylogging Malware

This type of malware, like 3rd party cheats and phishing attempts, usually comes from unknown URLs and untrustworthy sources. The parasite program gets into your system and records your keystrokes, guessing your login, password and other private information.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Don’t click suspicious links

Cyber Bullying and Cyber Predators

Cyber crime in online gaming isn’t new. You can prevent the threats mentioned above with awareness, protection and caution. However, countering cyberbullying and cyber predators is a more substantial issue connected with parental control and in-depth understanding of the problem.

How to Stay Safe?

  • Educate the youngsters about the issue
  • Use virtual private networks (VPN) to mask your IP
  • Set up children protection software
  • Create a player profile using an alias
  • Mask your personal information with an alias

What Can the Companies Do?

Staying safe online cannot be a one-way street for a gamer because today’s gaming isn’t a closed system. Game developers and gambling platforms should be helping players with their user-centric approach.

Here are a few checkboxes a modern gaming company should cover:

  • User support and transparency
  • Clear Terms and Conditions
  • SSL encryption
  • Backend security
  • Transaction protection
  • Valid software license


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing at an online casino for real money or trying out Fortnite as a casual gamer. Everybody should prioritise cybersecurity in online games. Use the knowledge you gained from this article to set up a gaming environment where you can feel safe.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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