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Computer Networking Trends and How Having Cisco CCNA Certification AssistsYou


When it comes to entry-level certifications, there are a variety of options to choose from. This is because these credentials are often a prerequisite for higher-level ones and hence form the basis of your career. However, even if these fundamental badges are not required for moving further in your accreditation journey, Cisco Certification Exams they create a solid knowledge base making this process easier.

In the IT networking field, there are also different certifications serving as starting points such as CompTIA Network+ or CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). This article focuses on the CCNA badge but first, let’s explore the industry trends to understand why pursuing this credential is the best decision you can make for your career.

What’s New in Networking?

Today, computer networks connect people, systems, places, and even whole businesses. Considering such coverage, it’s understandable why the sphere constantly develops and offers so many new solutions day by day. Having ExamTopics Pass Exams said that, what are some networking trends to watch out for? They include:

  • Artificial intelligence andmachine learning.These are crucial in providing networking solutions in real-time in various sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, transport, and even smart cities. These technologies depend on automation and programmability.
  • Cloud computing. Most companies nowadays lean towards cloud computing where a network of non-virtual and virtual ExamSnap Cisco 300-420 ENSLD CCNP Enterprise Exam Dumps machines are linked to store loads of data.
  • DevOps. In the near future, networks will no longer need hardware components, instead everything will be software-driven. DevOps will make network management easier by bridging the gap between designers and engineers.
  • Data security. Companies rely on data for their day to day operation, so it’s critical to ensure that the network and the information itself are sealed off from all possible breaches. This can be done, for instance, by limiting network access, and many other activities.
  • Internet of Things.This is a technology that is centered on connecting objects, machines, and people to those that are not linked to a computer network. This creates an autonomous ecosystem that can even control itself.

Does Cisco CCNA Cover All These Areas?

As a result of the latest changes in the certification program, the CCNA credential has replaced a number of associate-level accreditations. Now, it evaluates the whole set of the applicant’s skills from implementing a Cisco 350-401 ENCOR CCIE Enterprise Certification Practice Test network to troubleshooting as well as maintaining it. All those concepts along with updated ones are included in the outline of 200-301 exam, the only test you should pass to get certified. Taking it, you’ll show your proficiency in the six major topics, which are IP connectivity, networking fundamentals, IP services, network access, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.

When you compare the trends mentioned above with the topics tested in exam 200-301, there is a close resemblance. Thus, once you ExamTopics CCNA 200-301 study effectively for the CCNA exam and with the right mind-set, you receive the tools to specifically go for any other disciplines such as cloud computing or artificial intelligence.


In conclusion, there has never been a better time to attaining the Cisco CCNA certification than now. Though it is only an Website Here associate-level credential, its benefits go far beyond into the future. Commit yourself to prepare for its 200-301 test, master the skills evaluated, and initiate a successful career in IT networking!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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