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Popular Magazine explores Narcissism and offers a helping hand

Adored by it’s global audience for it’s warm spirited stories, food and drink recipes and chunks of celebrity news, Parade Magazine shocked it’s audience with dynamic content exploring the probable harm caused by NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). The piece presented an insight to the disorder, leaving no stones unturned, by focusing on the experiences of multiple authors such as; Denna Babul, Julia Sokol, Steven Carter and Eleanor Payson. The full article can be found here.

Whilst remaining factual and precise, the company gave gentle caution to it’s readers by touching on the factors associated with the disorder such as narcissist seduction. ‘Don’t expect miracles, don’t expect magic, don’t expect kindness, and don’t expect anything to change.’

The complete article creates a true perspective for Parade’s readers by including facts such as the characteristics, behavioural patterning, and emotional weapons associated with NPD. There is also information provided describing how to shield yourself from the devastating pain and allurement experienced by those faced with sufferers. When is the time to leave a narcissist for definite? Parade Magazine lays it out.

Has this article given you a lightbulb moment? Do you believe that someone you know is a narcissist? Maybe a partner, friend, boss, you? Parade, as well as recommending you speak to a counselor or therapist, has listed the following books that could help your situation such as:

It’s important to remind yourself that this disorder cannot be used to label every difficult person encountered. The aim of this piece is simply to educate the readers and keep them alert to the associated traits, a principle step in raising awareness. The more we understand about NPD the better.

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