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Gaps filled as dual flavoured vodka hits the UK market

Jatt Life has just launched a brand new premium vodka as part of its new range this year, perfectly infused twice with zesty orange and smooth pineapple. 

The launch, that went global, saw the company introduce the 5 times distilled spirit despite the ongoing pandemic. Luckily they were able to recognise the success of their newly selected product through substantial sales.

Jatt Life soon followed their own suit with another premium spirit, this time focussing on the darker variety, an irish blend whiskey, aged in sherry oaks casks. However, after the success of their orange and pineapple premium vodka, they are now looking to break through into the spirits market with a range of dual flavoured vodkas. During the coming six months the general public can expect to see 4 extra flavours that are currently undergoing the R&D stage (research and development). 

According to Aman Singh, the Marketing Manager for Jatt Life, “We used the paramount ingredients to ensure that what we were creating really did have the abundance of luxury that a fine spirit within the market deserves. This was crucial for the success of our orange and pineapple vodka. We’ve reached this criteria by not only creating a spirit allowing depth to a vodka based beverage but also a flavour so smooth that our product is perfect poured straight over ice.”

He continues, “Due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 it’s undoubtedly been a struggle to launch this new product whilst also maintaining our turnover but with the help of customer feedback, we have been able to manage and monitor development stages closely to ensure the best possible flavours were produced. We have certainly discovered a market gap alongside this launch as our product is unlike the majority of vodkas, being a dual flavoured variety. Working on our extra 4 flavours now is great as due to our recent success, the team is able to experience the process with additional drive and passion, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products once more.”

Please visit to purchase yours or find out more.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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