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How to Decorate a Guest Room on a Budget?

A guest room might not be actively used in your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying any attention to it. Well, you can’t hurry up and decorate the room at the last moment when you know that your guests are going to arrive.

When you entertain overnight guests, just think of making it as a relaxing space for them. Now, you don’t really have to buy something fancy to set up a guest room. It doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can still make it all cozy, relaxed, and convenient with a minimum budget. From having a nice affordable bed to little decor pieces can change the way your overall guest room looks.

Having said that, here are a few incredible ways to decorate a guest room on a budget:

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1. A warm inviting bed

When it comes to creating impressions with guest rooms, bed is something that people will notice first. There’s nothing like the feeling of sleeping on your bed, but a warm and inviting bed act changes everything.

You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in buying a king-size bed. No you can invest in a nice folding bed furniture or a portable air bed.

The idea is to make the bed look cozy and inviting. To do this, all you have to do is add a mixture of various sized cushions in order to incorporate textures, colors, and a good throw rug. Never be scared to add that pop of color to a neutral or pastel bed linen.

You can even mix a few velvet or woollen knits to that plain cotton sheet. You can even buy a good sheet set, which feels great to touch—something that’s crisp and clean.

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2. Inexpensive bedside table

A good bedside table is very useful for your guests. Why? Well, it helps them to put stuff like reading glasses, books, phones, or anything that’s practical. Moreover, a nice bedside table will also complement your guest room as a whole.

You really don’t have to break your bank for this. Maybe, just repurpose your old chair and stack a few modish storage boxes on top of it. As simple as that!

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3. Beautify the wall with nice paintings or decor pieces

To make your guest room stand out, a good here is to include some art pieces or maybe a few group pieces. For a uniform look, try using the same frame for every art piece that you want to display. Experiment with simple variations using vintage word art or movie posters.

If you don’t want to do the above trick and would prefer it to be unique, then follow the technique of ‘statement wall’ to set up a beautiful cohesive design where you work with the side walls to reduce the drama.

For immediate impact, paint two walls (adjoining) in a fresh hue for the color to wrap and prevent the room from being overwhelmed. This actually springs the colors to emerge. Go with pastel tones—perhaps, blush and pinks to pastel greens and rich teals.

Painting two walls (adjoining) is a simpler project, letting you enjoy the overall look while minimizing your work on a whole! Since you are painting your guest room, you don’t have to restrict yourself. Be more daring and bold with colors, as it is usually a small room of the entire home.

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4. Keep it personal and convenient

Your guests are going to admire that little gesture of “care” lifelong if you do this. Here’s a better way to put it—when we spend some time away, we naturally look forward to the same comforts and convenience that we are accustomed to at our homes. Right? And that’s exactly why adding that personal touch makes all the difference.

Besides having a cozy bed and nice bedside table ready for your guests, make sure to keep a few things handy for them. Perhaps, a few books, clean towels, fresh flowers, or sanitary kit. These finer details not just create a big difference but also shows how much you care for them.

5. Have a full length mirror in place

A full length mirror serves two purposes here. One, it makes a small room look big and two, it helps your guests to dress up. Interestingly, they aren’t that expensive. You can easily find them at a store near you or you can buy it online.

Also, purchase a few hooks if possible, as it may be a great add-on to hand coats, towels, and robes.

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6. Create an excellent ambiance with the right lighting

Believe it or not, lighting can make it break the deal when it comes to creating a positive vibe. It can make a strong impression the moment your guests turn it on.

No one is going to like walking around a dim or dull lit room. To make your guests feel super cozy and welcome, just have a good lighting in place. Not anything fancy. But something that can make the room lightened and glowing. Now, this shouldn’t be expensive. Perhaps, you can get a bedside lamp. That should do the trick.

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7. Use fragrance to freshen up the space

Do this 30-45 minutes before your guests arrive. Slightly spritz the towels and bedsheets with a perfumed linen spray. Another inexpensive way to do this is by buying scented candles and soaps for the bathroom segment.

Keep some fresh flowers too. This is not just a way to brighten up the whole space but also sends a message to your guests that you are super excited to have them. But don’t go overboard with flowers, as a few might be suffering from allergies.


A guest room must flow with other rooms in your home but you can break the rule there and tone it down a little for a better stay for your guests. Decorating the guest room is all about striking the right balance between your visitor’s space and space. Interestingly, it comes at a fraction of the price of the other rooms at your home.

Happy Hosting!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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