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7 Best Teas to Help Boost Your Stamina

Many people prefer to reach for a cup of espresso or coffee when they need an energy boost. But then again, do you know that it’s possible to boost your stamina levels by taking a cup of tisane?
The main benefit of taking the tea is that included in it are a set of compounds not present in coffee. It’s what makes loose leaf tea to work more efficiently as an energy boost. Below we have captured a list of all the best decoctions for that much-needed energy boost. We all know that eating healthy is the key and can boost your stamina.
From true brews like black infusion to herbal drinks like yerba mate, you’re more than assured of finding an energy-boosting drink having a flavor you will like. Do you want something that will help you enhance your energy levels today? Why not check out this tea and coffee collection?

The Best tea to Help You Boost Your Stamina and Focus

1. Green Infusion
When it comes to tea for stamina, this is a renowned drink for its many health benefits. They range from lowered blood pressure levels to accelerated weight loss. It’s a brew that doesn’t contain lots of caffeine but whose benefits contribute to enhanced alertness and energy levels.
It’s a refreshment known to give its consumers more stamina due to the presence of L-theanine, which is an amino acid. The role of this amino-acid is to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs caffeine.
Therefore, the body is in a position to process this caffeine more efficiently, guaranteeing a long-lasting energy boost. Given the slow absorption of caffeine, it means consuming the refreshment won’t come with the withdrawal symptoms or jitters associated with coffee consumption.
The green tea also comes with some vitamin C, although in small amounts. They can protect your energy levels while also boosting your immune health. Consume a cup of this tea regularly and get to enjoy an energy boost devoid of any coffee jitters.

2. Chamomile
Chamomile is yet another renowned tea for workout prepared by placing chamomile flowers in a pot of boiling water. Once it’s ready, the tea features a gentle floral aroma and has a flavor similar to crunchy green apples.
Although the pekoe isn’t known for its stamina boosting properties, it improves focus by getting rid of unwanted stress. Apart from its soothing properties, it has been known to help prevent the release of the stress hormone, commonly known as serotonin.
The refreshment also operates on a chemical level by enhancing the release of dopamine, the happy hormone. Once released, the hormone makes it easier to focus on your essential tasks. It’s also likely you will experience a slight energy boost once your stress levels are reduced.

3. Black Brew
As is the case with the green drink, this brew is also known for its potent health benefits, including a lowered risk of contracting heart disease. Additional benefits include an improved immune system and blood sugar regulation.
Both the black and green brews are referred to as true drinks made from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves. Other true drinks include white, Pu-erh, and oolong remedies. The black brew, however, has the highest caffeine content of these teas.
The brew contains moderate L-theanine amounts that help make it an ideal workout tea. According to the USDA and FDA, it also comprises forty-seven milligrams of caffeine for each eight-ounce serving.
Some of the black drinks may also contain between sixty to ninety milligrams of caffeine. It’s a figure that represents about fifty percent of the total amounts contained in coffee.

4. Ginger Brew
Ginger root brew is considered delightfully spicy, which is among the top reasons it’s included in many “Eat This” lists. Ginger tea bags have undergone extensive studies that have shown it contains benefits that are vital for the body.
Among its benefits is the presence of anti-inflammatory properties known to assist in decreasing inflammation and tension. It also improves blood flow throughout the body. You’re likely to experience an energy boost when your body has increased circulation.
Herbal Medicine published a study that notes that ginger plays an essential role in boosting adrenal catecholamine’s secretion. They’re compounds whose primary function is to modulate the consumption of energy.
Consuming this refreshment can help the body to boost energy levels and exercise performance on a chemical level. Chinese Medicine has also used the drink to target the energy pathways present in the human body.

5. Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate is an herb-infused brew from South America that you can found in any major online tea and coffee shop. Indigenous tribes have consumed this drink for decades and are an everyday staple whenever there’s a social gathering.
The indigenous tribes ingest it early in the morning as they share hunting techniques and tell stories with other members of the community. The brew is also used when attempting to interpret what a dream means.
On the other hand, Americans know it as a central ingredient used in the manufacture of energy drinks. It’s a tea that features a smoky flavor with some heavy earth notes. The aroma produced by the tea is bold and is routinely compared to that of coffee.
Traditionally, the tea gets consumed using a bombilla (straw) and clay gourd. Although yerba mate has more caffeine than that of the green brew, its caffeine content is still low compared to that of a single coffee cup.
Yerba mate also has theobromine. It’s a compound that shares a lot of similarities with L-theanine. It assists to boost the energy levels in your body without causing you to experience any jitters.
Some studies conducted recently have also shown that when consumed regularly, it can enhance exercise performance and also increase endurance.

6. Licorice Root Brew
Black licorice and licorice root tea have the same taste. Furthermore, they are often blended with caffeinated teas and other herbal brews to smoothen the flavor. It’s also possible to prepare a cup of straight licorice drink with honey and a dash of lemon.
The result is an energy-boosting drink that helps regulate hormones and reduce stress levels in the body. Adaptogens are present in this tea. They are compounds whose role is to modulate hormones production.
A cup of this brew will help stimulate your adrenal glands to increase blood flow and boost your energy levels. An increase in the blood flow also leads to an improvement in your energy levels and blood pressure levels.

7. Peppermint Drink
Peppermint drink has long been used as a natural remedy for treating the common cold and an upset stomach. The brew is prepared by taking a peppermint leaf and placing it in a cup of hot water for between five to ten minutes.
You can brew this tea using tea bags or loose leaf tea. Once ready, the brew provides a sharp and tingling flavor that has a refreshing aroma and hints of pine. While the remedy doesn’t have any caffeine in it, it gives an energy boost to help with mental concentration.
Some research has indicated that peppermint may also help to booth memory and improve mood levels. Individuals who drink this brew frequently have recorded enhanced cognitive skills and better mood levels. They also have recorded improved long-term awareness.

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