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First Date in a Long Time? Time to Bust Out that Stylish Outfit!

Getting ready for your first post COVID date can be worrying, without even having to worry about the outfit to wear. While most people had already become accustomed to online dating, the coronavirus has brought with it certain changes that are likely to complicate things a bit.
Apart from worrying about masks and social distancing, there’s also the chance that whoever you intend to meet isn’t as appealing in real life as they’re on Tinder. Luckily for you, you can use the weapons already present in your arsenal to boost your confidence.
A fool-proof way to get started involves selecting a stylish outfit date that effortlessly combines your unique sense of style with contemporary fashion trends. Even though this does sound ideal in theory, how do you decide what to wear for that particular date?
If you’re among the tons of people who don’t have much going for them in the fashion department, you’re in luck! Read on to learn more

Try to Make the Most Out of the Wardrobe Already in Place
Deciding on what to wear for a first date night may be the perfect excuse for you to consider shopping for some new clothes. While there’s no rule on what you need to wear for a first date, it doesn’t hurt having a few choice items at your disposal.
In reality, raiding your current wardrobe to look for something to wear does say a lot about you. However, make sure to keep the following in mind when making the decision:

  • Be comfortable
  • Look like yourself

Keeping this in mind, your current collection does serve as the best clothing to wear. If you don’t have anything that fits, consider online shopping.

Questions You Have to Ask Yourself When Choosing What to Wear
Given that it’s been a while since you last went out on a date, you may face some uncertainty when it comes to deciding what looks good on you. If so, ask yourself questions such as:
1. Which clothing items gets you the most compliments from co-workers and friends?
2. Which items have you found yourself wearing most often because they help make you feel good about yourself when looking in a mirror?
3. If you were headed out on a weekend getaway, which items do you think would look good in your suitcase?
Items that tick all the above three boxes are the ideal starting point. If the existing items no longer fit or are torn, then it’s time to hit the shops for replacements. But then again, it’s still possible to achieve a lot with some well-chosen accessories, a smart coat, and a good steam iron.

What to Wear on a Day-Date?
Day dates are often a wonderful thing, especially when meeting someone for the first time, but they do come with a set of issues. You have to choose something that will impress your date even from afar while also getting through the conversation lulls.
But there’s hope in that outfits for day dates are naturally comfier and casual. You, therefore, need to take a look that matches all the activities you’re anticipating to take part in; some of the suggested items include a coat, smart jacket, and comfy shoes.
When it comes to women, you can’t go wrong with a chic trench, a blouse, and form-fitting jeans. Complete the look by wearing some light natural makeup, subtle silver jewelry, and leather loafers.
In the case of men, khakis or smart jeans will serve as a good choice for a day date. You can pair this with a checked shirt or polo shirt, and a fresh pair of trainers.

Choosing What to Wear for a Date Night
For first dates at night, the key lies in striking a balance between practicality and sex appeal. You want to ensure you look your best without compromising your ability to eat, bank balance, and your comfort.
While evening dates are traditionally more straightforward, there’s still a need to tailor the outfit based on the activity at hand. If the plan is to hit the pub before visiting your preferred Indian curry joint, stay away from cocktail dresses or suits.
On the other hand, if visiting a chic restaurant or upmarket bar, you may want to place a lot more emphasis on your wardrobe.
For women, go with a classic date dress. Your focus should be on finding something that fits you perfectly while showing off all your best assets. Pair it with embellished flats and a pair of comfortable heels. Accompany this with a chunky necklace and a pair of statement earrings.
The choice lies between selecting something more casual or tossing on a suit when it comes to men. If visiting a laidback setting, opt for brogues, smart jeans, and a white shirt. For those that prefer a formal look, choose a stylish shirt and a well-fitting suit.

How to Buy these Outfits
Making a trip to the shop may prove inevitable if you don’t have something to go with your favorite date night top or a tie to complement your suit. Considering the need for social distancing, your only option is to shop online. Coupons, such as H&M promo code, help you to enjoy significant savings and discounts when shopping online for an outfit for your date
Although not every person enjoys shopping, shopping online does have its advantages in that you get to use online coupons to lower the payable amount. Even the styles discussed above are all highly recommended, you shouldn’t shy away from trying something new.
All that matters is that you will like what you have chosen and that you will look good in it. On a more practical level, consider clothing that’s comfortable in a date scenario. In this case, choose shoes you don’t need to wear in, clothes that won’t make it hard to move, and breathable fabric.
If you still don’t know what works best for you by this point, consider using this formula.

Last but not least

Whatever you decide to wear for your first date at the end of the pandemic, there’re a few things you may want to remember:

  • If you opt not to buy new clothing items, ensure the clothes you wear for the date are freshly cleaned and pressed. Formal dresses and suits should be dry-cleaned. Also, take your time to iron your blouses and shirts.
  • Stay away from baggy pants. While at it, also choose some undergarments that are easy on the eye. You never know how the date may end!
  • Polish your shoes
  • Clean and thoroughly trim your fingernails and toenails
  • Make an effort to style your hair. Please take a look in the mirror and determine whether it needs a little maintenance. If it does, get a trim before the date night approaches.
Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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